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Content Protection

Monetize Video Content Distribution from Origination to Playback

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Overcome Obstacles Throughout the Content Workflow

Secure, scalable and comprehensive solutions are critical to protect content during every stage of the workflow – especially as release windows shrink and attack surfaces expand. To avoid costly churn and gain subscribers, content owners and video service providers need to prioritize robust security without detracting from user experience.

Bulky Security Creates Subpar UX

Protecting content distribution shouldn’t come at the cost of a seamless user experience. Providers need powerful yet elegant security to offer consumers sleek, simple log-in and viewing sessions.

Increasingly Strict Regulations

Content owners are mandating ever increasing regulations for the protection of content workflows and streaming apps. The right security approach will help you achieve compliance and gain access to premium content.

Sophisticated Piracy Threats

As piracy evolves, the days of camcording have been replaced with more sophisticated attacks. It is now necessary to detect and prevent piracy at every stage of delivery, before content ever reaches the client device.

Powerful Security Meets a Seamless User Experience

Protecting premium content and creating sleek playback experiences shouldn’t be at odds. Frictionless log-ins, seamless transition from device to device, and viewing experiences uninterrupted by bandwidth issues are critical to avoid costly subscriber churn. Verimatrix protects your business by safeguarding the entire content workflow with easily implemented solutions that enhance user experience.

Prevent Attacks with Solutions that Go Beyond Compliance

As content distribution models change, cybercriminals and pirates are developing more sophisticated attacks to gain access to data, content, and valuable intellectual property. The right security approach will do more that meet minimum requirements set by content owners – it will safeguard your business and prevent a wide range of attacks.

Keep Pirates Out of Your Content Workflow

Pirates steal more than just your content – they rob legitimate video service providers of subscribers by attracting consumers with reduced prices and advert free premium content. The ability to quickly detect the source of piracy and shut down hackers with automated solutions is key to safeguarding your business and retaining subscribers. 

Protect Video Content with Verimatrix


Delight your subscribers with a seamless experience by delivering secure, premium content on any screen or platform.

VCAS Solutions

Simplify the transition from broadcast to multi-network and get started in just one day with easily integrated solutions to enhance content security.


Protect your content and revenue with invisible client and server-side watermarking that can detect piracy in a matter of minutes.


Streamline the authorization process with a single integration to secure subscriber authentications across devices for a frictionless experience.

Application Shielding

A suite of frictionless automated application shielding solutions that protect media apps from becoming a hacker’s entry point into your network.
“We implemented a simple yet scalable DRM security solution with Verimatrix, along with a cloud migration. We thought it would be a very complex project, but the entire process turned out to be very smooth."
Monica Rayo
COO at Agile Content

Experience Security Made for People

Verimatrix is the winner of the Stevie Award 2020 for excellence in customer service.

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Benefit from award-winning 24/7/365 worldwide customer support. With a customer satisfaction score of 99% and four prestigious Stevie® Awards for Excellence in Customer Service, you can trust that your partnership will be valued.

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