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Verimatrix cybersecurity solutions

Friendly Yet Powerful Security Solutions for Video Content, Apps, and Devices

Verimatrix Solutions Safeguard an Unprotected World

Verimatrix security is all around you. Chances are, you interact with our solutions every day — when watching your favorite streaming service, driving your connected car, using your favorite mobile banking app, or checking out at the grocery store with tap to phone technology.

Verimatrix is everywhere in the modern connected world. We keep you safe and connected as you live, play, and work. Our solutions are hidden, but they offer a vital layer of protection to help companies provide safe digital experiences.

Organizations in today’s fast-paced, connected world require future-proof cybersecurity solutions to maintain customer trust and safeguard revenue. Verimatrix’s solutions protect video content, mobile and desktop applications, and IoT devices from ever-increasing threats.


API Security

APIs change the traditional infrastructure of IT security. In today’s connected world, IT infrastructures are no longer enclosed; the rise of smartphones and IoT has moved the security perimeter outward. Verimatrix helps companies adapt and protect APIs to ensure that your customers and their data are secure.

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Application Shielding

Mobile apps are consumers’ main point of contact with businesses. Verimatrix app shielding solutions help you maintain customer trust by adding a hidden shield around data, content, and valuable intellectual property.

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The complex web of connections between service operators and content owners means subscribers must seek password access to rights repeatedly. Verimatrix TV Everywhere Authentication streamlines this process with a single integration for secure subscriber authentication and content authorization.



Verimatrix offers security solutions compliant with the regulatory standards of multiple industries, including entertainment, finance, healthcare, and more. Achieve compliance with MovieLabs specifications for content security, HIPAA compliance for mobile health apps and IoMT devices, and PCI compliance for payment security.


Content Monetization

Video service providers must streamline and secure distribution of their video assets to broaden and accelerate the monetization of content. Verimatrix’s Content Monetizer optimizes the media value chain for all participants and enables a secure, multi-tier, Pay TV content distribution and reporting marketplace.


Content Protection

Verimatrix’s suite of content protection solutions offer end-to-end security that protects your most valuable assets while giving your viewers the frictionless experience they expect on any screen. Whether you are a content owner or distributor, Verimatrix providers streamlined solutions that will integrate seamlessly with your current workflow.


Debugger Detection

Debuggers were meant to be a development tool, but criminals have turned them into malicious weapons used to find vulnerabilities in your code and plan an attack. The ability to detect and shut down threats during runtime is critical.

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Digital Payments

In-store mobile payments are quickly moving checkout to the cloud. Verimatrix makes it possible for merchants and issuing banks to provide sleek, secure payment experiences such as software POS and tap to pay.



Keeping applications secure is critical to maintaining trust, safeguarding your revenue and protecting your brand. Implement robust, layered security to withstand growing threats.


Video Analytics

Boost your bottom line and gain a competitive edge with this cloud-based video consumption insights platform. This tool empowers you to transform subscriber data into actionable business decisions for your network.