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Forensic Watermarking for Video

Keep Pirates at Bay with Streamkeeper™ Watermarking

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Protect your applications, your content, your revenue, and your business with frictionless security.

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Protect Your Revenue with Anti-Piracy Tools

Leverage both Client and Source Watermarking solutions that protect the entire path of content consumption across multiple platforms and languages, including HTML5. Imperceptible and robust, Verimatrix Watermarking protects your video content during post-production and distribution. The solution’s pre-integrated Reveal Service tracks the source of piracy within minutes to protect your revenue.

Streamkeeper™ Client Watermarking

This cloud service is deployed via simple and easy to integrate SDK on the native players for iOS, Android or HTML5. Seamlessly integrating with your workflow it allows to identify the source of distribution, ensuring traceability of any content leak independent of device type back to the exact end-user. 

In combination with Verimatrix Counterspy it allows you to take immediate action once the piracy is identified. This is a real game changer in comparison to simple solutions, where it takes 24hours or longer after identification to stop the stream on the distribution platform, while the pirates can open endless additional channels in the meantime.

Source Watermarking

This cloud service processes the content pre-encoding and seamlessly integrates with your workflow to identify both the source and target of distribution, ensuring traceability of the content leak. Source Watermarking supports VOD as a cloud service and linear content with encoder or decoder integration. Depending on the deployment of the solution, it allows to identify the redistributing partners being source of the piracy.

Everything You Need to Know About the DRM Ecosystem

Discover how Verimatrix’s Multi-DRM ecosystem approach is setting the new benchmark for online video security.

Key Features

Protect from All Angles

Watermarking works in tandem with other security solutions to ensure that content is protected from other vulnerabilities.

Rapid Identification

Time is of the essence when it comes protecting your revenue. Enjoy rapid identification and shutdown of illicit sources.

Streamlined Deployment

Enjoy numerous pre-integrations with chipset vendors, as well as UHD set-top box makers and smart TV vendors.

Fast, Convenient & Automated

Verimatrix Reveal Service supports blind extraction of a payload with pirated content without requiring the original.

Pre-Integrated with Major SOCs

Leverage a pre-integrated Watermarking solution that is easily implemented and won’t divert time or resources.

Robust Against Multiple Attack Types

Protects content against compression, recording/capturing, re-streaming, collusion and geometric manipulation.

Achieve Compliance

As an ISO certified company (9001 and 27001), Verimatrix security solutions help businesses achieve compliance and meet the regulatory standards of the toughest industries, such as Media and Entertainment, Telcos, Finance and Healthcare. 


A Trusted Partner to Safeguard Your Content Assets and Revenue

Premium Content Protection

Comply with stringent security requirements and gain access to the premium content viewers want. Verimatrix Watermarking delivers client and server-side protection of live, linear and on-demand video.

Driving Trust for 25 Years

As industry experts with over two decades of experience, many of the world’s largest content owners and service providers trust Verimatrix to protect the systems people depend on every day.

“Verimatrix enables us to satisfy complex content owner requirements for the ceaseless fight against illegal redistribution”
Manuel Monserrate
Product Owner at Aire Networks

Video Protection & Anti-Piracy