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Verimatrix App Shield

Secure Your Android and iOS Apps in Minutes

No code changes required. Simply upload your final app for protection and receive a secured version back – ready to publish to the app store of your choice.

Verimatrix App Shield Keeps You Safe From

Reverse Engineering

Application Repackaging

Dynamic Modification

Rooted or Jailbroken Device

Emulators & Debuggers

Man in the Device

Protect Mobile Apps from Cyber Attacks

Inject powerful protection directly into your app package (Android APK and iOS xcarchive) without affecting the functionality of your software. As our mobile app shielding becomes part of your app, your app stays protected even if you stop using Verimatrix App Shield. This means you can safely publish an app and keep it protected even after your free trial. 

Detect When Hackers Attempt to Attack Your App**


Understand the threat profile of your install base and drill down into the risk score of an individual app instance. 


Get real time notification of high-risk events within your ecosystem. 

Get Real-Time Automated Responses to Mitigate Attacks

Verimatrix App Shield automatically detects when your app is under attack and quickly terminates its own operation, shutting down the threat. This enables you to respond immediately and resolve security threats that could affect your app and your business. 

Automated, Intelligent, Self-Defending

Proven Protection

Have confidence that your apps are shielded from reverse engineering with in-app protection that has been proven in the toughest markets.

Real Time Reactions

A protected app reacts immediately to threats and defends itself. Security analytics allow you to monitor and respond to risks.​

No integration

Leverage a simple and easy to use service that requires no code changes or time-consuming integration. Simply upload your final app.​

Zero Code

App Shield is a cloud service that offers unprecedented protection in minutes, with no integration required. Simply upload your final app for protection and receive a secured version back – ready to publish to the app store of your choice within 10 minutes

Unparalleled Protection

Trust an Awarded Mobile Security Solution

Best Cybersecurity Product

CSI Magazine 2020

Mobile Development Solution

Gold Stevie Winner 2019

Best Cloud or Application Solution

AfricaCom 2019

Security Made for People

an eSports producer looking to shield tournament apps with anti-tampering.

Request a Demo of Verimatrix App Shield

A demo from our expert team shows you how App Shield applies strong shielding to your app, and gives you the opportunity to have your questions answered.