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Products by Verimatrix

Award-Winning Products to Secure Content, Delight Users and Protect Revenue

Video Protection & Anti-Piracy

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Streamkeeper™ Pro

The industry’s first battle-ready cybersecurity solution engineered to hunt down and take out video piracy.

Streamkeeper™ Multi-DRM

Delight your subscribers with a seamless experience by delivering secure, premium content on any screen or platform.


Takes content security to the next level with cutting-edge piracy prevention, app protection, risk monitoring and countermeasures.

Streamkeeper™ Watermarking

Protect your content and revenue with invisible client and server-side watermarking that can detect piracy in a matter of minutes.

VCAS Solutions

Software-based and IP centric content protection for IPTV, OTT, DVB, hybrid IP-OTT and DVB-OTT, and multi-DRM deployments.


App Shield

Inject powerful protection into your Android and iOS app without changing your code or affecting software functionality.

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Code Shield

Deter and confuse hackers with patented, intelligent and automated tools that have been proven in the toughest markets.

Key Shield

Protect any algorithm and build secure cryptographic architectures – all while maintaining complete control of your keys.

Extended Threat Defense

Introducing Verimatrix XTD (Extended Threat Defense) – Verimatrix’s zero code cybersecurity solution that closes the open door in most enterprise security walls by protecting the mobile apps and unmanaged devices that connect to it. With Verimatrix XTD, you can monitor these threats at the endpoint and take action before the bad guys compromise your enterprise.

Award Winning Products and Customer Support

Leaders in the toughest industries trust Verimatrix’s award-winning products and unparalleled customer support to safeguard their content and applications.
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Securing Your Success with Products at SaaS Speed

The rapid expansion of video production and consumption, along with the proliferation of mobile apps and connected devices means that security matters more than ever. Failing to protect content and experiences can result in more than just revenue loss– it can mean the loss of customer trust.

Verimatrix offers security made for people. We innovate extreme simplicity into all of our products and solutions, making them radically easier to integrate into your customer-facing applications. Our solutions are intuitive, user-friendly and fast – meaning that they won’t get between your user and their experience.

Video Protection & Anti-Piracy