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Health-tech cybersecurity solutions

Protect Patient Data, Health Applications and IoMT Devices

Don’t Let Your Assets Become Vulnerabilities

Innovative medical IoT devices and healthcare applications can improve patient care and maximize efficiencies, but cybercriminals target their vulnerabilities. Verimatrix offers easy-to-implement security solutions and intelligent, automated tools to minimize risk—protecting your revenue and reputation, as well as securing data for both patients and providers.

Secure IoMT Devices and Their Companion Apps

Medical IoT devices are attractive targets to hackers looking for valuable protected health information (PHI). It is critical that manufacturers implement security by design to keep patients and their data secure. Verimatrix Code Shield prevents hackers from analyzing your app and enables you to build self-defending architectures to keep patients, data and your intellectual property safe.

Protect Virtual Visits and Patient Data

Video streams and communication with patients via telehealth apps must be secure to uphold trust and achieve compliance with regulations such as HIPAA. Verimatrix safeguards the integrity of private physician-to-patient video workflows to keep virtual visits secure, instil trust, and provide a seamless end-user experience with our friendly security solutions.

Control Content with Digital Rights Management

Medical records contain highly sensitive data that needs to be kept private. For large records (e.g. CT scan images) the problem is doubly complicated by the size of the files being transferred and displayed. For this, a secure digital rights management system gives better control by managing the access to the records while marrying with the best solutions for streaming these records to the target viewing devices. Verimatrix Multi-DRM is utilized by video and image operators and technology integrators to encrypt and protect valuable health-related content.

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Keep Insurance Information Secure

With mobile apps, health insurance companies can make sign-up, filing claims, and receiving payment sleek and convenient for patients. Keeping patient data and health records safe is critical to maintaining trust, retaining customers, and driving revenue. Safeguard your business and reputation with Verimatrix’s suite of app shielding solutions.

Security Made for People

who minimized medical device breaches with layered application security.

Security Solutions for Connected Healthcare

Code Shield

This advanced toolbox offers layered protection to harden medical applications against hackers to keep patients, data and intellectual property safe.

Key Shield

Build trustworthy, highly-secure enterprise healthcare apps to protect valuable data—all while keeping total control of your cryptographic keys.


Secure images and video streams, achieve HIPAA compliance, and ensure that telehealth sessions are only viewed by authorized personnel.

A Trusted Partner to Secure Healthcare Technology

Verimatrix security solutions are used by leaders in the toughest markets and have been deployed in hundreds of millions of mobile devices. Build safe, reliable healthcare apps and medical devices with security you can trust.

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