With a special focus on mobile apps and connected, unmanaged devices, this Cybersecurity Threat Roundup is compiled by Verimatrix Cybersecurity researchers and data scientists. It includes links to notable threat advisories over the last month, information on vulnerabilities and patches, and links to recent intelligence reports.

Threat info

Vulnerabilities & patches

Intelligence reports

  • SpinOk, Anubis, and AhMyth were the top three mobile malwares in June 2023, according to Check Point’s Most Wanted Malware Report.
  • Resecurity reported that Android OS device spoofing tools are gaining traction among cybercriminals to bypass mobile fraud prevention controls. Financial institutions and online retailers are the main targets.
  • Overall Android threat detections increased by 20% in the first half of 2023 compared to the second half of 2022 in the H1 2023 ESET Threat Report.
  • Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) released the ‘0-days Exploited In-the-Wild in 2022’ report. One of the takeaways is the importance of fast patching of zero-days on Android. In multiple cases, patches were not available to users for a long time, and cybercriminals exploited the unpatched but publicly known vulnerabilities.