Dialing in Unified Revenue
Security for Multi-network
Video Services


MultiRights for PlayReady DRM

VCAS Enabled Revenue Security for Microsoft® PlayReady® DRM Clients

The VCAS multi-network platform provides a solid architectural basis within which to introduce third-party DRM schemes and adaptive bitrate streaming protocols that are complementary to, and extend, the VCAS multi-network and multi-screen approach. Verimatrix MultiRights for PlayReady DRM represents an important set of components within the Verimatrix architecture that secures adaptive bitrate Smooth Streaming services to a variety of Microsoft PlayReady DRM-enabled devices with Silverlight players, supported by the VCAS single security authority.

MultiRights for PlayReady DRM offers several benefits to new and existing VCAS customers:

  • Fully integrated PlayReady DRM solution for linear and on-demand digital TV content delivery to a variety of device types supporting the Microsoft Smooth Streaming adaptive bitrate protocol.
  • Complements and extends the VCAS platform for multiple networks and devices, including IPTV for managed networks, DVB and Hybrid networks, and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) services.
  • Managed through common VCAS entitlement and management interface, OMI, which provides a single point of integration with back-end middleware and subscriber management/billing systems.
  • Extends the VCAS OTT support beyond HLS-capable devices (running ViewRight Web clients) to third-party PlayReady/Smooth Streaming devices, such as Silverlight-enabled PCs, Windows 8 Phone OS devices, Connected TVs/STBs, and Xbox game consoles. These devices are supported via native PlayReady clients, and thus no additional client-side technology integration is required.

The MultiRights PlayReady head-end components consist of:

  • Verimatrix MultiRights PlayReady Foundation
  • Verimatrix MultiCAS/Adaptive Server

Verimatrix MultiRights PlayReady Foundation

The MultiRights PlayReady Foundation contains the fundamental PlayReady functionality to perform entitlement checks and secure key distribution, divided across two server processes. First, the Verimatrix PlayReady Content Security Manager receives license requests from end-user devices via the PlayReady HTTPS-SOAP interface. Based on specific content and device identifiers present in the license request, entitlement verification will be performed followed by a key retrieval. Next, the PlayReady License Server (implemented using the PlayReady SDK provided by Microsoft, running under Windows Server 2008 R2) creates a license file, which is passed to the client via the PlayReady HTTPS-SOAP interface, from which the client extracts the key.

The core PlayReady DRM functionality is supplemented with a robust keystore and content database subsystem, plus the interface functions of the overall MultiRights framework, which connects the DRM back-end to the VCAS OMI services that represent the e-commerce and device entitlements including the concept of subscriber multi-device domains. The keystore and OMI interfaces support device management for the service as well as the licensing and entitlement commercial constraints for the deployment.

The PlayReady Foundation Servers are state-less and can be load balanced for efficient scaling.

Verimatrix MultiCAS/Adaptive Server

The MultiCAS/Adaptive Server generates content encryption keys, which are passed to the live/VOD encoder/segmenter devices that perform 128-bit AES encryption of the Smooth Streaming content. It interfaces with the central Oracle database for key storage.

A single MultiCAS server can interface to both live and VOD encoder/segmenter devices.

The MultiCAS/Adaptive Servers are state-less and can be load balanced for efficient scaling.

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Product Features

  • Platform OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 (1)
  • Database: Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition
  • GUI: Flexible Java-based secure administrative functions via OMI component
  • Monitoring and logging: Comprehensive and secure
  • Scalability: Single machine or distributed load balanced cluster, enabling support for any size of deployment
  • Video formats: Smooth Streaming is in principle video codec agnostic (SS currently supports VC-1 Advanced  Profile, and H.264 Baseline, Main, and High).
  • Audio formats: Windows Media®Audio (WMA), AAC/AAC+/HE-AAC.
  • Transport: Microsoft Smooth Streaming makes use of MPEG 4 – Part 12 (a.k.a. Fragmented MP4).
  • Content encryption: 128-bit AES CTR
  • Network management: SNMP v1, v2c, v3
  • VOD content ingestion: Manual or automated with flexible workflow
  • Encoder/segmenter interface: Verimatrix API available. Use of encoder vendor API is optional. Integration performed with Elemental, Envivio, Harmonic, RGB Networks, Wowza and others (20+).
  • Head-end integration: Open, SOAP-based API via OMI for rapid integration
  • Client flexibility: Wide range of mobile, connected TV/STB, and computer platforms

(1) The PlayReady License Server, based on the PlayReady SDK from Microsoft, runs under Windows Server 2008 OS.