Dialing in Unified Revenue
Security for Multi-network
Video Services


Verimatrix MultiRights

Maximizing the monetization of content across a multi-network, multi-screen delivery environment comes with several challenges. For example, when the operator wants to reach beyond its managed network to various types of mobile devices, including OTT video streaming delivery, the issue of incompatible Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems arises.

The real business challenge is for operators to eliminate the distribution and consumption silos that frustrate consumers and may nudge them towards alternative sources. Therefore, the service provider needs to enable support for native DRM systems on the devices they wish to provide services for, and to provide the user with a transparent consumption experience.

Verimatrix has devised a solution for these multi-platform challenges, called MultiRights™, providing DRM and content consumption transparency across networks and devices.

Verimatrix Multi-DRM Solution: MultiRights

MultiRights is a component within the multi-network Video Content Authority System (VCAS). MultiRights brings CE devices with embedded, non-Verimatrix clients under the VCAS unified revenue security umbrella together with other subscriber devices already incorporating Verimatrix ViewRight® clients. The goal is not “DRM unification” as much as user rights unification to enable transparent content consumption for the end-users.

The MultiRights framework allows for the inclusion of third-party DRM schemes and client devices under the VCAS umbrella for complete end-to-end management of revenue security. MultiRights provides server-side support for secure content distribution to STBs, PCs, and off-the-shelf CE devices equipped with compatible media players and native DRM clients. The MultiRights goal for the end-users is a completely transparent subscriber experience in a multi-DRM universe.

Verimatrix Multi-DRM OTT Architecture

MultiRights can also integrate HLS-based video services through VCAS for Internet TV, which enables a complete IP-centric, multi-DRM delivery system for OTT networks:

  • Linear and on-demand adaptive streaming services using HLS, Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH
  • Broadest range of CE device support through ViewRight Web and third-party media player and DRM clients

In the diagram above, VCAS provides cross-network domain-based rights management: when a subscriber's domain (as opposed to a single device) is entitled to specific content, all the devices of the domain are entitled automatically, enabling a frictionless user experience. The solution offers video and network agnostic delivery combined with multi-screen access.

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