Any Screen. Any Network.
Any Threat.

Our 3-Dimensional Content Security approach protects delivery across multiple networks and devices while addressing ever-changing threats.


VCAS Multi-network Platform and Architecture

Verimatrix offers a field-proven and award winning multi-network content and revenue security solution for IP, broadcast, and hybrid networks. The Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) provides the tools and support digital TV operators require in order to address the new opportunities arising from the accelerating convergence of video delivery over various types of networks - managed and unmanaged - to a multitude of devices.

The Verimatrix proposition embodies the following characteristics:

  • Software-based, IP-centric security architecture with broadcast-hybrid support
  • Elimination of the boundary between silo-based CA and DRM philosophies
  • Efficient and secure service delivery independent of network technology
  • Future-proof standards transitions, supporting Ultra HD/4K and DASH security
  • Frictionless TV Everywhere experience enhances subscriber loyalty and ARPU
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VCAS – Deployment Flexibility and Versatility

VCAS is the realization of the Verimatrix 3-dimensional digital TV security strategy, which extends the domain of security beyond silo-based conditional access and DRM approaches to protect pay-TV services delivered to any screen over any network while combating any threat.

The VCAS architecture combines a number of network specific security solutions built on a common, IP-centric platform. VCAS is fundamentally based around cardless implementations that integrate the latest client device security subsystems with robust and renewable Verimatrix software architectures. It implements a single security authority for IP, broadcast and hybrid networks and devices, supporting various video and DRM formats while providing a harmonized cross-network entitlement management.

VCAS has been deployed widely in proven configurations securing services as follows:

  • IPTV / Telco TV, securing large scale IP managed network services using Multicast and VOD protocols, enhanced by secure Wholesale/Retail content distribution options
  • Hospitality-optimized IPTV, for any-size hotels, resorts and cruise ships
  • Internet TV, providing enhanced HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG-DASH security for live and on-demand OTT services to the broadest range of device types
  • DVB Broadcast, securing “one-way” networks: cable, satellite and DVB/ISDB-T terrestrial
  • Broadcast-Hybrid, combining Multicast and/or RF broadcast with Internet TV to provide a highly effective architecture for modern cable deployments with integrated VideoMark forensic watermarking
  • Online Video Publishing with Multi-DRM support, featuring harmonized rights management across multiple streaming procols: HLS, MPEG-DASH, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming with PlayReady DRM

With a highly modular architecture and compact form factor, VCAS is inherently cost effective for the smallest hospitality deployment, based on the VCAS Hospitality appliance, while field-proven to scale efficiently to tier 1 pay-TV operations with millions of subscribers by using distributed and load balanced server clusters.

A key VCAS value-add is the common entitlement and management interface, which provides a single point of integration with business management systems. Uniquely, while any DRM may support a multi-device domain concept, VCAS enables cross-DRM domain management, a.k.a. VCAS Super Domains. Specifically, when content is entitled to a subscriber’s domain (as opposed to a device), it is automatically available to all that domain’s devices, whether IPTV, DVB, Hybrid, HLS, MPEG-DASH, and PlayReady DRM clients.

Thanks to a vast partner ecosystem, operators can choose from a wide variety of pre-integrated components, such as middleware and subscriber management systems (SMS), video encoders, VOD and asset management servers, and hundreds of receiver models, including DVB, IPTV and hybrid STBs, Windows and Mac OS platforms, iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, smart TVs, and video game consoles.

For Verimatrix definitions of multi-network, multi-screen and hybrid services, and for a list of industry and Verimatrix-originating acronyms, click here.