The Standard in Revenue Security
for Managed Network Telco TV

The VCAS for IPTV security solution is the number one choice for managed network Telco TV deployments around the globe.



VCAS for IPTV, powered by the multi-network VCAS platform, is the market leading digital TV security solution for pay-TV services over managed IP networks. VCAS for IPTV fully exploits the power and elegance of two-way broadband infrastructure to provide a superior level of security for IP-STBs, IP-DVRs, and connected TVs over managed IPTV networks.

VCAS for IPTV incorporates pioneering and proven features that provide the widest revenue security perimeter. The cardless solution is built on proven cryptographic and secure electronic transaction concepts widely used in e-commerce applications, accomplishing the highest levels of digital TV security as confirmed by several independent technology audits.

Verimatrix is the recognized global IPTV market leader with 500+ IPTV deployments, winner of 20+ technology awards, and ISO 9001-2008 certified.

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VCAS for IPTV secures the revenue of IPTV networks through the following key features:

  • Standards-based, two-way Internet security protocols ensure a solid foundation
  • ViewRight® downloadable, renewable security for IPTV clients, incl. connected TVs, utilizing sophisticated security features of modern chipsets/SOCs
  • A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) public/private key pair system plus X.509 digital certificates, featuring VCAS key management proven in tier 1 IPTV deployments
  • Software and hardware encryption options, using the robust AES-128 algorithm
  • Codec standard and video format agnostic: SD, HD, Ultra HD (UHD) and future formats
  • Choice of more than 250 IP-STB models from some 100 manufacturers
  • Multi-layered security: Fingerprinting, Watermarking, Clone Detection
  • Independently audited and trusted by all major studios and broadcasters

The Verimatrix approach to revenue security for managed IPTV networks is ideal for:

  • “Walled garden” IPTV services to IP-STB/DVRs and smart TVs over xDSL, FTTH, etc.
  • Broadcast-hybrid services, extending IPTV with RF broadcast and OTT video delivery
  • Wholesale-retail content distribution, enabling a centralized, hosted service with local control options
  • Hospitality IPTV, supported by an optimized VCAS for Hospitality Appliance and pricing

Thanks to the system architecture and compact form factor, VCAS is inherently cost effective for the smallest hospitality deployment, based on the VCAS Hospitality appliance, while field-proven to scale efficiently for tier 1 pay-TV operations with millions of subscribers by using distributed and load balanced server clusters.

Featuring a vast partner ecosystem, operators can choose from a wide variety of pre-integrated components, such as middleware, video encoders, VOD servers, and hundreds of STBs.