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Security for OTT Video

VCAS for Internet TV, powered by the multi-network VCAS platform, provides enhanced security for HTTP Live Streaming video services.


VCAS for Internet TV

VCAS for Internet TV, powered by the multi-network VCAS platform, provides a complete multi-screen security solution for OTT services over networks implementing the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG-DASH protocols, including both live (broadcast) and video-on-demand content delivery.

These protocols, collectively referred to as adaptive bitrate (ABR) protocols, provide automatic bitrate adaptation to allow a common video stream URL to be shared between devices that have different screen resolutions, processing power and available bandwidth. This ensures the best possible user experience (UX) for any given combination even when devices roam between networks.

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The award winning VCAS for Internet TV solution enhances the basic HLS and MPEG-DASH security model with capabilities that support subscription and transaction based pay-TV services. In particular, VCAS ensures that decryption keys are kept safe and distributed only to authorized users and client devices. The software-based solution is built on proven cryptographic and secure electronic transaction concepts widely used in e-commerce applications, providing the same high level of digital TV security that Verimatrix is recognized for in 500+ IPTV deployments. Key features:

  • Studio approved for premium content protection
  • Enables secure ABR stream delivery to all device categories
  • Vast partner ecosystem with pre-integrated encoders and media players, etc.
  • Standalone or Hybrid deployments with DVB or IPTV managed networks
  • Enables broad delivery models: Live, VoD, PPV, download & offline viewing, gateway conversion, etc.
  • Flexible business model management: Subscription, Rental, Purchase/EST, etc.
  • Fine grain device management via typing, output control, integrity check, etc.

The Verimatrix ViewRight Web client supports off-the-shelf CE devices enabled for HLS or MPEG-DASH:

  • ViewRight Web for PC (Windows OS) and Mac OS
  • ViewRight Web for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch)
  • ViewRight Web for Android OS (ARM, x86 architectures)
  • Windows 8 Phone/RT (tablet) OS
  • ViewRight Web for Smart/Connected TV and STB

VCAS for Internet TV can be deployed either as a standalone OTT solution using either the HLS or MPEG-DASH protocol, or as part of a multi-network solution including IPTV, DVB, and Hybrid combinations, under a VCAS single security authority.

ABR protocols are ideally suited to the challenges of mobile video and Internet TV:

  • Open standards allowing tight integration into VCAS head-end and client devices
  • Use of H.264 codecs and MPEG-2 Transport Stream format enables straightforward integration into existing digital TV head-ends
  • Adaptation to variable bandwidth and various display resolutions ensures optimized UX
  • Highly scalable with multiple network support: broadband, 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, etc.