Extending DVB One-Way with
OTT and DVB-Hybrid Services

VCAS for DVB-Hybrid offers a novel approach to traditional broadcast content security by integrating OTT video services to a range of hybrid set-top boxes and mobile CE devices.


VCAS for DVB-Hybrid and One-Way

The multi-network VCAS platform allows digital TV operators to combine a standards-based and proven Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) solution for broadcast networks, with OTT delivery to hybrid receivers and off-the-shelf CE devices, all enabled from a single security authority.

Verimatrix offers a cost-effective content and revenue security approach that is ideal for:

  • Cardless security in client devices with secure System-on-a-Chip (SOC) facilities
  • DVB-Hybrid services, including OTT delivery to tablets and smart phones
  • Greenfield deployments, whether B2C or B2B, and analog to digital transitions
  • Operators wishing to complement or replace aging DVB CA systems
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Solution Brief
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DVB-Hybrid Architecture

Early incarnations of hybrid architectures were realized by combining DVB and managed IP networks. There is now a shift towards combinations of DVB and OTT delivery, fueled by the broad adoption of adaptive bitrate streaming protocols, thereby enabling an efficient service upgrade strategy for DVB operators:

  • Advanced pay-TV functionality provides unlimited flexibility in defining services
  • Linear content DVB services
  • Zapper and advanced DVB-Hybrid STB clients featuring ViewRight ONE
  • Linear and on-demand OTT services using adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Broadest range of CE device support through ViewRight Web clients

DVB-Hybrid Architecture: Broadcasting Augmented with OTT Services

In the diagram above, VCAS provides cross-network domain-based rights management: when a subscriber's domain (as opposed to a single device) is entitled to specific content, all the devices of the domain are entitled automatically, enabling a frictionless user experience.

DVB Architecture - One-way Broadcast Networks

VCAS for DVB also secures satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcasting services in one-way broadcast networks that do not have a return path from the STB to the head-end. Key features:

  • Choice of cardless and card-based security
  • Flexibility to match subscriber revenue potential with suitable STB technology
  • Self-provisioning options, including pre-paid vouchers, can reduce cost of call centers
  • Middleware-independent DVB SI Server for STB electronic program guide
  • On-screen messages and chat rooms, push VOD, parental control, client STB pairing
  • Fingerprinting and watermarking
  • Very efficient form factor: Cryptographic operations for up to 1M STBs in only 2RU

DVB One-Way Architecture: Broadcast Networks with no STB Return Path

Future-Proofing the Platform

As the pay-TV industry is undergoing rapid changes, Verimatrix is focused on providing future proof – investment proof – solutions. VCAS for DVB is part of the multi-network VCAS platform that addresses, among else, the following aspects:

  • Extension to video delivery over IP, either as IPTV or OTT, and hybrid combinations
  • Video watermarking, a requirement for licensing of content in the early release window, and for Ultra HD/4K video services. Verimatrix VideoMark enables watermarking at the STB level. Since content re-distribution is now the main form of piracy, watermarking should be considered from the outset.
  • SOC hardening, increased security and countermeasures in cardless solutions. Verimatrix chipset partners feature enhanced security technology, utilized by the ViewRight STB client when operators choose the latest SOCs.