Forensic Watermarking

With more than 10 years of R&D investment in forensic watermarking technology, Verimatrix is now a global leader in the practical application and commercialization of forensic video marking solutions. VideoMark – our robust toolbox for video tracing and forensic identification is now supported within our VCAS solutions for both broadcast and OTT distribution and underpinned, where appropriate, by secure hardware video logic in major chipset families.

VideoMark is not a substitute for encryption and key management technology in video services, but works in a complementary way to undermine the business of content theft and redistribution.


Precision payload insertion

Client side insertion and large number range enable precise content tracing

Hardware support in UHD chipsets

Low overhead insertion in secure video pipeline

Imperceptible marking for premium services

Perceptual insertion model maintains very good consumer experience

Secure payload model

Opaque system with no personally identifiable data in video

Extremely robust against attacks

Payload extraction possible from low grade and recompressed content

Cloud based extraction/interpretation

A globally accessible tool for processing illicit video and extracting payload information

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