Strategic Alliances with Prominent
Technology Providers

Verimatrix is committed to offering value and service in all its business relationships,
supporting our industry partners just like customers seeking to
deploy a reliable and complete solution.


Set Top Box Vendors


ABOX42 offers a complete and sophisticated platform which consists of five major parts: Smart STBs (latest generation IPTV & OTT Set Top Boxes), Smart SDK (Software Development Kit), Smart RCU plus Mobile Toolkit (for Smartphone usecases), Smart SaaS (lifecycle management) and Smart Solutions (features and compatibility modules).  ABOX42 has extensive expertise and knowledge of managing operator as well as end-user mass-market products. ABOX42 is very experienced in delivering customized STB solutions for IPTV moreover OTT projects and has already deployed over 100 OTT services. 


ADB offers three product lines: digital TV consumer premise devices, interactive applications and systems and integrated digital TV (IDTV) modules. ADB sells its consumer premise devices to digital cable, satellite, terrestrial and telecommunications operators as well as to distributors and consumer electronics companies. Typically, ADB also supports its operator customers with extensive engineering and system integration services from early architecture design stage through custom software design, on-site installation and debugging, to after-sales maintenance and future up-grades.


AirTies was formed in Feb 2004 by a management and technical team from USA Silicon Valley, with the strategic intent to become the leader in EMEA. AirTies develops and markets wireless quad play products (high speed internet access/ADSL, Wireless LANs, internet based telephony/VoIP, WiFi phones and internet based television/IPTV) for service providers, small businesses and consumers in EMEA. Our products are designed to operate with European service providers and in concrete/stone buildings.

Albis Technologies

Albis Technologies is a pioneer in H.264 IPTV set-top box, plus has a strong foundation and deep knowledge in the end-to-end aspects of IPTV solutions. Today the latest generation of STB addresses enhanced requirements for over-the-top (OTT) content delivery and user experience expectation. Visit our website for more details.

Alpha Networks

Alpha Networks is a global leader in the networking ODM/OEM industry. We are a premier outsourcing partner of brand name networking companies, integrators, telecommunications firms and service providers around the world.


Amino Communications develops core software technologies and customer-premises products for the IPTV market, and partners with world-leading companies in content aggregation, middleware, conditional access, and head-end systems.

Arion Technology

ARION Technology Inc. is a leading STB manufacturer in Korea. Since established in 1999, ARION has been providing various set-top boxes such as  DVB, PVR, IPTV, Hybrid & OTT Solutions to the leading paytv operators and telco companies in more than 30 countries. ARION is listed on the Korean stock exchange (KOSDAQ) and headquartered in Korea.

Atlanta DTH Inc.

Atlanta DTH, Inc. ("ADTH") is a leading supplier of set-top boxes to TV stations, distance learning educators, and non-profit organizations. ADTH's STB lineup includes satellite, cable, and terrestrial. Its IPTV box would be available in late 2007. ADTH has offices in Atlanta, LA, London, Sydney and Sao Paulo.


BOCS provides a full entertainment-on-demand portal solution over common DSL connections enabling Movies, Music, Shopping, and Entertainment direct to every TV in the home.


Celrun Co., Ltd. (Kospi:013240) is a diversified IP set top box manufacturer that develops IPTV set top solutions for a wide range of customers. Since its inception in 1999, the company has been a dominant player in Asia and will continue to strive to be the world market leader currently expanding it's field to VoD service and DMB equipment manufacturing. Celrun Co., Ltd. formerly Tcom&dtvro Co., Ltd. is located in Seoul, South Korea.


CIMA integrates Western management and Silicon Valley innovation with low cost R&D and manufacturing to bring to the market cost effective and quality STB products. Their knowledge, expertise and technical support help their customers and partners successfully integrate the CIMA product.


Cisco, (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Cisco offers market leading end-to-end infrastructure and software solutions to broadcasters, teleco’s, satellite, internet and cable service providers for Digital TV, IPTV, VOD, content management, Multiscreen video delivery, connected home and advanced advertising.


Comigo is a provider of a multi-screen TV solution designed for pay-TV operators. Comigo unique experience dramatically increases viewer engagement, leading to new revenue opportunities. Comigo’s platform includes secured Android-based STB solution, client applications for mobile devices and a back-end solution, which facilitates Comigo's unique capabilities: content-related Apps & services , personalization, content recommendation and advanced social features.


COMTREND is an ISO-9001/14001 certified company that designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of networking equipment integrating ADSL, ADSL2+, IP STB Multimedia , Bonded ADSL2+, VDSL2, VOIP, Residential Wi-Fi, Auto Configuration Systems, Digital Signage Applications and High-Speed PLC technology.


Coolech Technology Co., Ltd. is an elite team consisted of numbers of overseas returnees and one of the earliest national high and new technology enterprises which focus in developing android platform. We do not only provide integrated intelligent solutions for telecom operators but also collaborate with domestic content providers who have formal copyright to develop rich and legal video on demand platform.


Founded in 1994, COSHIP Electronics Co., Ltd is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative solutions for the digital television market. Coship is built upon the strength of its people, products and technological excellence. We are the leading Set-Top Box (STB) provider in China and are currently building the largest STB manufacturing facilities in Asia.

Daewoo Electronics Corp.

Daewoo Electronics Corp. ("DEC" or "the Company") is the third largest Korean consumer electronics company. It manufactures and sells a variety of products including televisions, DVD players, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, microwaves, vacuums and car audio systems in over 105 countries. Approximately [80%] of revenues are from overseas sales.

DEC manufactures products at five domestic plants and nine production subsidiaries abroad, located in Asia, Europe and North America. Overseas sales are conducted through the Korean head office and the Company's eight overseas sales subsidiaries, located in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Dune HD

Dune HD is a global supplier of set-top boxes to IPTV service operators and OTT digital distributors. The company was among the first to produce what has become an entirely new category known as StickSTB. This innovation combined a broadcast-quality STB with HDMI stick form-factor, resulting in the award-winning Dune HD Connect. Most recently, developments include being first in the world to offer a highly cost-effective IP-based STB supporting HEVC. The Dune HD TV-204 in addition to HEVC codec support works with all popular streaming formats and AV codecs including MPEG2 and H.264. All Dune HD devices fully support HTML5 and feature a robust set of API's to enable integration with leading middleware solutions. With classy industrial design, industry leading build quality and world-class integration support, Dune HD has become the number one choice for IPTV/OTT and broadcast content STB hardware.  

Eagle Kingdom Technologies Ltd (EKT)

EKT designs and manufactures STB solutions for a worldwide marketplace. With development teams in Asia, India, Europe, EKT delivers a wide range of STBs including IPTV & Hybrid. EKT is the partner of choice for many tier 1 operators around the world by delivering on quality, design, cost effectiveness and a best of class approach. 

Edge-Core Networks

As a major technology leader in providing the various Broadband Networking solutions and products, Edge-Core's focus is at IPTV, Cable, Satellite Set-top Box, Cable CPE, Gateway, and Home Networking CPE solutions. By adopting our core technology at Broadband, Digital Television and Networking, our company enables to provide the industry's broadest portfolio from voice, video, audio, data, RF design, and testing.


Elecard is a leading provider of video compression technology and high quality software products for video and audio playback, editing, analysis, multimedia content preparation and streaming. In 2006 Elecard Devices released its SIGMA iTV system, a firmware solution for system integrators as well as IPTV operators supporting AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 SD&HD streaming.


Enseo is a provider of digital media solutions for hospitality, digital signage, digital cinema, stadiums and arenas. Enseo's flexible technology displays virtually any media, on any display, through any distribution medium. This includes IP streaming, RF tuning, and live web content. With more than 450,000 set-top boxes and digital media players deployed, Enseo is the preferred digital media solution for North America's largest hospitality and digital signage systems.


Entone is a global market leader in Hybrid TV and Connected Home solutions. Founded by the team that launched the world's first commercial IPTV service, Entone's solutions platform combines the best of television and cloud media services and is deployed by many of the world's leading communications service providers. The centerpiece of Entone's Connected Home solution is FusionTV, an infrastructure‑as‑a‑service platform that enables operators to bundle linear HDTV and cloud media services with broadband Internet.


ExtenwayTM is an interactive TV and guest media solution that enables you to transform today's guestroom TV into an elegant, interactive and profitable asset. We do this by turning what was previously just an entertainment device into an intelligent, scaleable and CRM-ready communications platform.


Geniatech is the leading OEM/ODM manufacturer in providing android based hardware and software platform for OTT and Hybrid Android boxes. We have over 17 years of experience in video industry, Our professional R&D team are specialized in
hardware, kernel, driver, steaming media, DRM, DVB and Linux customization.

Hansun Technologies

Hansun Technologies Inc., the major IPTV equipment provider in China , designs and produces digital multimedia products such as IPTV, DVB/IPTV, Internet PVR (with embedded P2P technology), Video Pod (VPod) and total solutions for home entertainment and communication center. The company has over 6 year R&D experience in the field of IPTV, and produces the most cost-effective and reliable IPTV products in the world.


HFCNET is Latin America's premier Large Scale Systems Integrator . HFCNET and its sister companies IP-NET and HFCNET Consulting Engineering & Design provide Cable MSOs and TELCOS worldwide with the lastest telecommunitacions technologies and engineering services backed up by the highest level of experience and world class support. The IP-NET VISIONT eco-system provides a complete turn-key solution of the most advanced video services for deployment over xDSL, HFC, FTTH, Fiber Deep, FPON and Wireless Networks.

Huawei Technologies

Huawei is a leading telecom solutions provider, owned entirely by its employees. Through continuous customer-centric innovation, we have established end-to-end advantages in telecom network infrastructure, application & software, devices and professional services. With comprehensive strengths in wireline, wireless and IP technologies, Huawei has gained a leading position in the All-IP convergence age. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 100 countries and have served 45 of the world's top 50 telecom operators, as well as one third of the world's population.


HubTeh is the leading company to develop and produce the digital receivers and multimedia players. HubTech has built good reputation and strong relationship with worldwide customers in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa for over 10 years.
Our goal is to provide unexpected value and give big satisfaction by our various products. We look for partners who tap the market together.


HUMAX Inc. was founded in 1989 with the sole vision of becoming a leader in the digital set top box market. We quickly gained recognition for our quick-to-market, innovative products engineered with cost-effectiveness in mind. HUMAX was the first Asian company to develop a Digital Video Broadcast Set Top Box (DVB STB) and is currently the worlds 3rd largest Set Top Box brand worldwide. With global manufacturing capabilities, and well over half its total revenue being poured back in R&D, we are quickly making advances in all facets of the consumer electronics industry with a truly international presence. Humax is listed on the Korean stock exchange (KOSDAQ).

Hyundai Digital Tech

Hyundai Digital Tech. is expanding its sphere of activities from STB and Karaoke to DMB, IP STB, AMR and etc. in a bid to provide its customers with total solution covering communication, broadcasting and IT technology.


The iNeXT LTD. was built by several European companies. The innovative and cutting edge technology in the design and development of the product is expected to bring about dramatic growth since media players have being widely accepted as a real option for playing HD content on TV. iNeXT LTD. is the manufacturer of multi-functional network media players which uses advanced innovations and emerging technologies in design and engineering. Product line includes either reasonable compact models for IPTV, OTT and VoD market or multi-functional media players of professional level.


INFOEQ Co., Ltd. is one of the leading IP based set-top box manufacturers in Korea. With our originally developed software and hardware, we produce and develop IP TV STBs that meet the customers' preference. Through the experience of dealing with IP STBs over time, we know IP STBs.


Infomir is one of the global Set-Top Box manufacturers, whose key products are MAG series STBs and the middleware for them. Infomir provides highly cost-effective solutions to succeed on IPTV/OTT market.

INTEK Digital Inc.

INTEK Digital Inc. is a leading Korean set top box manufacturer, which was established in 2005. With a strong focus on DBV and IP based solutions, INTEK has gained a good reputation for its technology and focus on customer support in the broadcasting industry. Intek has headquarters in Seoul (Korea) and sales offices in Brazil, Germany, Singapore, and Hungary.


InteractiveTV designs and manufactures IP based media devices delivering digital content around the home, as well as the out-of-home digital signage environment. From High Definition Hybrid IP and broadcast boxes with PVR functionality, to simple IP streaming devices for cost effective Video on Demand and VoIP, iTV believes in providing a television experience for customers seeking to watch the content they want, wherever they want to view it. iTV works with select software partners, or middleware providers of your choice, to create an end to end solution to meet your needs.

International Datacasting Corporation

International Datacasting Corporation is a satellite systems integrator and manufacturer of IP-based satellite equipment and systems, which incorporates Verimatrix encryption technology products to ensure secure transmission of customer video, audio and data in Enterprise, DTH and IPTV businesses.


KAONMEDIA is a world renowned digital broadcasting leader that provides revolutionary convergence products and solutions with 'KAONALITY' across the lines of PVR, IPTV, MPEG4, H.264 and Multiroom systems. Along with future-oriented, innovation-driven 'KAONALITY', KAONMEDIA will become smarter, faster, and make your life happier.

LG Electronics

LG Electronics, Inc. is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, employing more than 93,000 people working in over 120 operations around the world.

Lung Hwa Electronics

Founded in 1973, Lung Hwa Electronics is the pioneer in developing digital home solution, including IP Set-Top Box (Full HD support, WiFi 802.11n integrated), PLC adaptor (200 Mbps), Wireless 802.11n related products, and OEM/ODM services.


MitraStar Technology was established in Jan. 2011, a 100% owned subsidiary of Unizyx Holding Corporation and is located at the Science Park in Hsin-chu, Taiwan R.O.C. MitraStar, with its core competency on technology and product design innovation, keeps its focus on product development of wired and wireless broadband networking, next-generation Network, digital home multimedia and smart life applications. Our major businesses include DMS, Design, Manufacturing and Service. According to our customers' demands, we provide product design, mass production, logistic management and technical support.


Motorola is known around the world for innovation and leadership in wireless and broadband communications. Inspired by our vision of Seamless Mobility, we design and deliver products, experiences and powerful networks for you to get and stay connected. Within IP Video Solutions this include encoders, video servers and consumer premise equipment, such as the VIP line of IP set-top boxes and the KreaTV Application Platform.


NEOTION is a French high-tech company providing innovative solutions for the international Digital Television market since 2000. By leveraging on its core competences in the design of in-house ASICs, NEOTION develops and distributes a wide range of CI & CI Plus secured Conditional Access Modules (CAM) dedicated to securely receive the premium contents distributed by the Pay TV operators. NEOTION is an active Member of several Standardization and Digital TV committees, namely DVB, HBB TV and CI Plus LLP.


Netgem is a hybrid broadcast and broadband IPTV company, providing innovative technology, expertise and flexible business models that enable operators to develop innovative convergence services.

Nighthawk Systems

Nighthawk is a leading provider of intelligent devices and systems that allow for the centralized, on-demand management of assets and processes. Nighthawk products are used throughout the United States in a variety of mission critical applications, including remotely turning on and off and rebooting devices, activating alarms, and emergency notification, including the display of custom messages. Nighthawk’s IPTV set top boxes are utilized by the hospitality industry to provide in-room standard and high definition television and video on demand.


NxTV, Inc., the first and largest IPVOD provider in the global hospitality industry, delivers IP-based, 100% digital in-room entertainment solutions offering hotel guests the ultimate on-screen entertainment experience. Serving some of the world's most prestigious hotel brands, NxTV has customers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. In 2007, NxTV was named to the Inc. Magazine list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in America.

OnTV Digital

OnTV Digital is a leader in digital STB (DVB, IP, Android) and its related products development and manufacturing with its headquarter in Korea. OnTV Digital is providing many customers in Europe, Americas and Asia with its latest cutting-edge Pay TV products manufactured in Guangdong, China. OnTV Digital will keep its efforts to go beyond the customers’ satisfactions.


Pace is a leading provider of technology solutions to the PayTV and Broadband industries. With a broad portfolio of customer premise equipment, network solutions, and software and services, Pace empowers service providers to simply and cost-effectively innovate at the speed they want, and to define the evolution of their networks in the way they want for their subscribers. 


PS-UFA («PROMSVYAZ» OJSC) is an innovative company that specializes in development and production of IP, DVB, Hybrid, OTT set-top boxes and Connected Home solutions and provides Electronic Manufacturing Services(EMS) for a wide range of electronic products. The company’s mission is to create electronics for people. We bring advanced electronic devices which enable our clients to fully concentrate on their core business tasks, staying absolutely confident with the quality of the goods and services provided. HQ: Ufa, Russian Federation.


Quanta Microsystems, Inc. (QMI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quanta Computer, Inc. (QCI). QMI provides ODM and JDM services for the fast-growing home network equipment and wireless connectivity markets. Aiming to enrich digital lifestyle, QMI is focused on enabling wireless connectivity throughout the home as well as reliably distributing digital contents wirelessly in a premise.


Sagem Communication (SAFRAN Group) is a major player in the Mobile and Broadband Communication industries, who has acquired a strong world-wide position thanks to renewed innovation. SAGEM products stand-out particularly in the following activities: mobile phones, printing terminals, residential terminals, digital TV, networks, electronic metering and cables, etc.


Samurai systems integration team excels beyond idea generation, bringing full commitment to each new customer project and transforming innovation and technology into profits. We've built a long history of successful relationships, developing new businesses, products and solutions in partnership with leading global corporations. Broadcast & Broadband integration bringing high value to your customer is our mission.


Sandmartin was founded in 1987 in Taipei, and initially produced high-quality communication related precision products and accessories. However, it was quick to recognize the immense growth potential of satellite broadcasting, hence became involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of satellite TV reception products. Today, it offers an extensive and sought-after portfolio of products. Although satellite TV reception systems are highly complex, their essential components are covered in Sandmartin's core product range. Based on the specific requirements of its customers, the Group designs and manufactures these components in different models and to various specifications.


Founded in Year 2003, Shenzhen SDMC Technology Co., Ltd (SDMC) is a high-tech incubated enterprise with title of “National High-and-New Technology Enterprise” and “Key Soft-Ware Enterprise". In order to serve people for better digital life with first-class digital devices and service, SDMC has been dedicating herself in both Digital TV STB and end to end IPTV and Hybrid/OTT related products developing, manufacturing and marketing. Today, SDMC has over 200 talented R&D engineers dedicating to developing Digital TV STB , end to end OTT solution, etc with many patents.

SetaBox Technology Co., Ltd.

The leading IP set-top box solution provider in the world, SetaBox Technology (SetaBox), located in Taipei, Taiwan, was established in 2000. SetaBox is specialized in developing and designing advanced media streaming products and providing totally integrated solutions for its customers. It provides IP set-top box total solution for different segments and meets telcos and MSOs multimedia service requirements. Elite staff coming from NTU's Communication & Multimedia Laboratory, reinforce SetaBox's technologies in every aspect, including: Codecs (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, wmv9, H.264, wma, MP3, AAC), streaming protocols (Transport Stream, Program Stream, RTP, RTSP) and hardware design (decoder card, set-top box, residential gateway, media adapter, PMP).


SmartLabs is a Russian company and a leader in the development of service delivery platforms for interactive digital television (IPTV, OTT and hybrid TV). SmartLabs offers individual products and end-to-end solutions, ensuring complete compatibility of its components and modules. SmartLabs offers a family of STBs spanning across various tiers and classes of devices, including mass and premium IPTV/OTT STBs and hybrid STBs with DVB and IPTV support.

SOWELL Technology

SOWELL Technology provides set top boxes, including DVB, IPTV, Hybrid & OTT STB. Since established in 2004, we've been selling products to clients over 40 countries. Meanwhile, SOWELL is a end-to end solution provider for OTT & IPTV business. Owning more than 120 engineers, we team up with worldwide partner with customer-tailored products. 

State Micro Technology Corporation

SMiT is a leading provider of security products that enable secure distribution of digital entertainment content. SMiT provides various security products for the pay-TV industry through its R&D in chip design, software development, and system integration, and partners with a growing list of tier-1 players to build a secure service platform while maintaining technical and cost leadership. SMiT first develops DTV Conditional Access Modules (CAM) in house and has obtained more than 20 CAS Certifications. We are a leading CAM supplier in the global market. SMiT is headquartered in Shenzhen with satellite offices in Palo Alto, Munich, Hong Kong, and Beijing.


Launched in 2000, STiNO Media AG provides IPTV STB hard and software solutions for triple play services: Internet access, Voice over IP, IP Television and Video on-demand entertainment. Additionally STiNO is covering the hospitality, enterprise, digital signage and other vertical market segments with its advanced s-box IP based Set Top Box product family supporting H.264, WMV9, HDMI for HDTV 1080i/p and also DVB-IP Hybrid s-box platforms.


Sunniwell Communications designs, develops hardware and software solutions enabling IPTV, VOD and VoIP applications, as well as enabling delivery of new multimedia services to homes and hospitality outlets. Sunniwell products support the latest media codecs, WMv9 including HD and H264, as well as having combined solutions, enabling DVB to run alongside IPTV & VOD.


SysMaster is a leading vendor of Voice-over-IP, IPTV, and Wireless products which enable telecoms and service providers to build robust and scalable networks for delivery of next generation services to subscribers.


Technicolor, a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector, is at the forefront of digital innovation. Our world class research and innovation laboratories enable us to lead the market in delivering advanced video services to content creators and distributors. We also benefit from an extensive intellectual property portfolio focused on imaging and sound technologies. Our commitment: supporting the delivery of exciting new experiences for consumers in theaters, homes and on-the-go.


TechniSat Digital develops and manufactures DVB- and Hybrid-consumer electronics such as STBs, idTVs, PC-products and satellite reception equipment; five factories are located in Germany, Poland and Hungary. European based R&D Centers complete the idea of European quality and design for hardware, middleware and advances software. The Team of TechniSat Digital S.A. (Luxembourg) is responsible for project businesses with operators and OEM-customers; already serving Pay-TV operators throughout Europe and having a significant presence in worldwide retail markets. Continuous innovation and outstanding facilities in each field make TechniSat a valuable supplier with the expertise to provide custom solutions.


Technosat, established in 1993, is an independent turn-key satellite communications solution provider with headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Technosat has become one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of satellite equipment in the MENA region and specializes in design, customization, and integration/manufacturing of Digital Satellite, Cable and Terrestrial Receivers and equipment.

TechnoTrend Goerler GmbH

TechnoTrend Goerler GmbH is a company of digital technology and is based in Bavaria, Germany. The employees have almost 20 years of experience in the area of digital receive solutions and work closely together with development partners worldwide. The international sales and distribution activities are coordinated from Unterfoehring near Munich. Target markets are international operators, distributors and retail partners. The product range goes from digital receiver for the classical digital TV, DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S, the innovative IPTV up to the future oriented hybrid solutions. Worldwide trends of the market like HDTV-technology come to the fore within TechnoTrend Goerler.


Telergy is a solutions provider covering IPTV, VOD, VoIP and DVB applications. Telergy provides the STB hardware and software that enables multimedia services to be provided on TV screens around the world. Telergy is dedicated to developing integrated solutions that cater for both home and business applications.


Telsey is a worldwide leader in the design and production of Access Gateway, IP Set Top Box and Home Networking solutions for the distribution of broadband interactive services to residential and business end users.


Founded in 1997, TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO) developed the first commercially available digital video recorder (DVR). Today TiVo provides an intuitive, easy-to-use, and personalized next generation user experience solutions to cable, satellite, IPTV and terrestrial Pay TV operators. TiVo reduces churn, drives subscriber acquisition, increases Video on Demand purchases and improves customer satisfaction by enhancing the content discovery and delivery of linear, on demand and broadband content and interactive applications to any screen in the home and away.


Topfield is leading PVR industry taking initiatives in digital broadcasting industry. Since its establishment in 1998, with its first export of STB in Sep. 2000 on the basis of differentiated technologies, Topfield is securing higher reliability and competitiveness on the basis of continuous promotion for the products under its own brand and distinguished technologies in the world. At present, Topfield recognized as the standard in PVR industry is focusing on research and development of total digital products and exploiting global markets.


TRT, a Sandmartin company, is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of satellite TV reception products. With our powerful R&D capabilities, efficient vertical integration and extensive distribution networks, Sandmartin has quickly emerged as the leader in the digital entertainment world. Today Sandmartin offers an extensive and well considered portfolio of products for the different requirements of all regions worldwide. The company has over 10 years R&D experience in the field of DVB, and produces the most cost-effective and reliable DVB products in the world. Sandmartin is included in the Hang Seng Index of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Verismo Networks

Verismo Networks is redefining the home television experience by bringing millions of internet videos around the world directly to your TV -- all of this without a computer. Verismo's VuNow platform transforms the TV set into a powerful multimedia hub with an unbelievable level of choice and ease in accessing digital entertainment. You've never seen your television like this before.


Vestel, one of the leading enterprises in Turkey, is a giant in the field of consumer electronics and household appliances. The company has expertise in developing and manufacturing flat panel TVs with integrated digital receivers, digital television recorders, DVB HD & SD and IP STB products. Vestel has also been the first to develop business to business products like interactive hotel TV, hospital TV, and public displays.


Wisembed has delivered IP Set-top boxes for closed network environment, such as for hotels and hospitals and plans to launch an IPTV platform business for general audience.


As a leading broadband product supplier, XAVi dedicates to developing, producing, and marketing xDSL CPE and Broadband Gateway products for delivering data, voice, video, and multimedia services for corporate, SME, SOHO and residential users. Whichever service seeks for the required bandwidth ? Internet access, telecommuting or broadband transmission ? XAVi is making the connection to link the end users and service providers over copper or optical fiber wires. The revolution of broadband access has begun and XAVi is ready to meet the challenge.


Yuxing InfoTech Holdings Limited (Yuxing) is a company listed on The Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. With its comprehensive capability on R and D, mass production and customer service, the company is positioned as an e-home application solution provider based on digital media application technology. Since its establishment, Yuxing has been focusing on technology and product innovation, especially in the integration with advanced digital technology and the specific demand for customers.

Zinwell Corporation

Zinwell Corporation supplies transmission related products and various types of set-top boxes (STBs) supporting DVB, ATSC and/or IP technologies. Zinwill is the major supplier for DirecTV (on LNB and multi-switches), Japanese brands (on digital tuner module, HDTV STB, media stations, etc.), Tier 1 global CE brands (on PVR, MPEG 4 H.264 STB, IP Box and home networking devices supporting HomePlug or HD Wireless technologies).


ZTE is a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. ZTE's product range is the most complete in the world, covering virtually every sector of the wireline, wireless, terminal and service markets. The company delivers products and services to customers in more than 100 countries. The Corporation has established partnerships with over 500 operators in more than 100 countries around the world and has supplied products and solutions to 30 of the world's top 100 operators, and six of the world's top 20 operators.