Bridging the Gap Between Your Current Data Policies and the Future

As a follow-up to the Best Practices in Personal Data Privacy for Video Service
white paper, TechPolis and Castlebridge surveyed senior data-policy staff at video service providers across the globe to identify how they measure up to the 5 core elements of data policy best practices.

What they found is an industry playing catch-up with the perspectives and concerns of their customers. Furthermore, the findings reveal a low level of maturity in the governance of personal data among video service providers.

This represents a key opportunity for service providers to improve in an area with knock-on impacts into best practices.

Download the executive summary of these results, along with the full survey report, to find out how you can improve your own data privacy policies and increase value for your customers.

"When asked what data controls and safeguards were currently in place, nearly one third of respondents surveyed said they were not sure what controls existed."
-Excerpt from Executive Summary, A Look at Today's Data Privacy Practices of Video Service Providers,
Techpolis and Castlebridge

Download the Summary and Full Report