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Wednesday, October 12th

Combatting Video Piracy with AI

Date & Time: Wed, Oct 1203:20 pm – 04:10 pm PDT
Location: Ballroom

Over the COVID years, we’ve witnessed an accelerated mass migration from content distribution across managed devices such as satellite dishes and pay-TV cable boxes to the “bring-your-own-device world” like smartphones, intelligent TVs and game consoles connected to streaming services. Today, consumers can watch anything from anywhere at any time—which is amazing. However, by streaming to billions of unmanaged consumer devices, our industry is now dealing with an ever-increasing threat surface that is very attractive to content pirates.

Content owners, broadcasters and operators need bold new technologies and services to combat industrial-scale piracy and hacking. Verimatrix is focused on game-changing anti-piracy and cybersecurity solutions that eliminate cumbersome integrations and allow for instant access to security data from any device that is used to view content. Our data science teams are working with industry leaders and state-of-the-art AI/ML tools to detect piracy attack patterns, in the pursuit of prediction and prevention of piracy.


  • Dan Woolnough, Director, Content Protection Experts
  • Matthew Fite, CTO, Verimatrix