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Source Code Protection in Hybrid Mobile Apps

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December 16th, 2020 – 10AM PST

Speakers: Pedro Fortuna, CTO at Jscrambler, and Neal Michie, Director, Product Management at Verimatrix

Today, nearly every company is an app company.

There are countless examples of enterprises that were built around their flagship mobile apps. However, stats show that in the banking industry 95% of apps lack the required security level.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in mobile app development is the rise of hybrid mobile apps. Using frameworks like React Native, Ionic, and NativeScript, companies can use a shared codebase to release cross-platform apps that rival their native counterparts.

But using these JavaScript-powered frameworks means that companies need to evolve their threat models. By default, client-side JavaScript is exposed. Every single piece of code, including code secrets, proprietary algorithms, and functions that handle sensitive data, can be readily retrieved and modified by the end-user, opening the door to serious attacks.

To explore these dimensions in-depth, we will host a free webinar with Pedro Fortuna, CTO at Jscrambler, and Neal Michie, Director of Product Management at Verimatrix, who will:

  • Explore the business value of mobile apps;
  • Navigate the state of mobile app security;
  • Explain the emergence of hybrid mobile apps;
  • Detail the key security threats in JavaScript-based hybrid apps;
  • Demonstrate an attack to a hybrid app and how to protect the source code against tampering and reverse-engineering.


  • Pedro Fortuna, CTO at Jscrambler
  • Neal Michie, Director, Product Management at Verimatrix

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