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Assessing and Combating Threats in the New World of Streaming

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Date: June 17th, 2021
Time: 10am EDT

Despite differing definitions of what constitutes video piracy, there’s a consensus around the idea that piracy in all its forms takes potential revenue off the table for streaming providers and content owners. How can streaming media companies best address the forms of piracy that impact them the most? What’s the best mix of proactive and reactive measures? Can companies like Netflix crack down on habits like password sharing in ways that don’t alienate loyal subscribers? Learn about how to gauge and combat challenges in the new world of streaming during this panel discussion.

Ben Munson– Editor, Fierce Video


  • Martin Bergenwall – SVP of Product, Verimatrix
  • Elisha Lawrence – Assistant Vice President, General Counsel, Global Head of Anti-Piracy & Content Security, ABS-CBN
  • Ilker Ürgenc – Senior Technical Solutions Specialist, Akamai

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