Verimatrix Delivers Multi-DRM Solution for Cablevision Argentina


Seeking to add more value to its product portfolio, Cablevisión Argentina looked to evolve its network reach and subscriber device support with the help of Verimatrix solutions. Time to market was a key factor as competing telecommunications providers look to enter the pay TV space. In November 2016, Cablevision Argentina announced its selection of Verimatrix to support the roll out of Cablevision Flow, a new full suite of advanced television services. 


Read the case study to find out how Verimatrix helped Cablevisión Argentina move from proof-of-concept to launch within a year. 

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"The highly configurable VCAS architecture and MultiRights OTT solution provide us with the answer ti the customer and market demands in Argentina"
Guillermo Paez
Cablevision's Product and Innovation Manager