Robust Support of Pay TV and Premium VOD Rights

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Market Challenge 

The unauthorized redistribution of content, especially restreaming of live sports events, leads to millions of dollars in annual lost revenue. Rights owners of all types have forced video service operators to comply with increasingly comprehensive and strict security policies to identify and protect ownership of content.  

Why Verimatrix Watermarking 

Verimatrix has pioneered client-side and server-side, session-based forensic watermarking, which tracks and enforces content rights by inserting session identifiers (“payload”) into media at one or more points in a transmission system. Both can identify the piracy point-of-origin to force a shutdown of illicit distribution or other action at a video service operator’s discretion. 


Product brief

Watermarking Props

Proven Solutions 

Industry-leading, studio-compliant and robust client- and server-side watermarking solutions, with options independent of CAS/DRM systems

Non-disruptive, Quick Detection 

Imperceptible marks for premium VOD to avoid disrupting premium content and rapid identification to better enforce live sports rights 

Blind Extraction  

The Reveal service that analyzes files for watermarks can perform blind extraction of payload with pirated content without requiring original

Trusted by leading brands

VideoMark® StreamMark®
Both Technologies are designed to identify illegal content redistribution by using a session based, user specific forensic watermarking solution
Embedded watermarks are unique, imperceptible, and secure
Robust against camcording, digital/analog attack and Geometric manipulations

Client-side watermarking

No asset pre-processing at head-end

Server-side watermarking

Asset preprocessing at head-end

Multicast and broadcast services to VideoMark clients Adaptive bitrate unicast services to retail CE devices
Already supported in several SoC platforms and Verimatrix Secure Player Pre-integration with Encoders and Packager or CDNs before deployment