Verspective RT

Verspective RT securely collects client device data for managed and unmanaged networks (tablets, smart phones, PCs, smart TVs and set-top boxes) in real-time, with the ability to track data from live channel content. Designed to measure Quality of Service (QoS) and improve the viewer Quality of Experience (QoE), this solution provides actionable data in streaming patterns and audience behavior to answer mission-critical questions instantly.

Verspective RT is offered as SaaS (software as a service) with flexible cloud deployment and pay-as-you-grow subscription pricing.

Get the Answers you Need to Improve Your Overall Competitiveness

How efficiently is my CDN managing cache during primetime?

What is the quality of experience for subscribers viewing OTT content?

When is the optimal time to remove a VOD asset from the shelf, based on viewership vs storage space?


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See first hand how Verspective RT can give you real-time insights to improve the QoS and QoE of your video services

Comprehensive Data Collection

Gain insights into your IPTV
and OTT business


Increase QoE/QoS by analyzing real-time data on peak usage and capacity limits

Lower Cost

Cut operational costs by analyzing performance and increasing efficiency

Flexible Deployment

Improve competitive profile with a cloud-based solution with no long-term contracts

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