Verspective Intelligence Center

The new Verimatrix Verspective™ Intelligence Center offers a cloud-based security platform that provides a sophisticated, globally interconnected resource for optimizing VCAS configuration, performance and threat resilience.

Verspective also acts as the foundation for data collection services that can support a wide variety of analysis and visualization tools, which maximize competitiveness. Verspective significantly extends the value proposition for VCAS and ViewRight security solutions with services including:

Actionable Business Intelligence

Verspective services can help you answer the questions you need to remain competitive:

How efficiently is my CDN managing cache during primetime?

What is the quality of experience for subscribers viewing OTT content?

When is the optimal time to remove a VOD asset from the shelf, based on viewership vs storage space?

What content are subscribers watching? When and for how long are they watching? On what devices?

Are there any faulty set-top boxes in the system that might create service disruptions?

Is there any activity that may cause security concerns?

Our Professional Services team offers help with scoping and optimizing
your VCAS and Verspective deployment.

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