Verimatrix VideoMark

Verimatrix is the first company to offer fully integrated encryption, key management and watermarking solutions for both managed and unmanaged networks. Our robust VideoMark toolbox for video tracking and forensic identification is a core component of VCAS Ultra solutions for both broadcast and on-demand applications, offering protection for high-value content such as UHD, early release VOD and live sports.

Stand-alone VideoMark Watermarking

Verimatrix also offers two VideoMark solutions for standalone watermarking, which is independent of CAS/DRM systems:

1) Standalone VideoMark for IP Networks provides secure watermarking for IPTV, OTT, and Broadcast-Hybrid client device types.
2) Standalone VideoMark for Broadcast Networks provides secure watermarking for DVB client devices.

VideoMark Reveal Service

The cloud-based VideoMark Reveal™ Service is offered to analyze video for potential watermarks and, when found, to extract the embedded payload, thus providing convenience for VideoMark customers and assurance against arbitrary verification.


Premium Ultra HD Content

VideoMark Forensic Profile

Prevent Live Sports Restreaming

VideoMark Live Profile

Highest threat
protection against attacks

Payload extraction possible from low grade and recompressed content

Imperceptible marking for premium services

Perceptual insertion model maintains exceptional consumer experience

Secure payload

Opaque system with no personally identifiable data in video

Cloud based extraction/interpretation

A globally accessible tool for processing illicit video and extracting payload information

"We chose to partner with Verimatrix and deploy its sophisticated VideoMark technology as the company is a pioneer in the practical application and commercialization of forensic video marking solutions."
-Wayne Tsai, Marketing Director,

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