Verimatrix StreamMark®

StreamMark® supports a highly efficient server-side process to embed robust, secure and imperceptible watermarks in digital content before delivery to each client device. It is ideally suited for adaptive bitrate streaming protocols such as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and standard MPEG-DASH, and it satisfies studio requirements for UHD and premium on-demand content.

StreamMark is a stand-alone watermarking solution, independent of CAS/DRM systems.

StreamMark Reveal Service

The cloud-based StreamMark Reveal Service is offered to analyze a video file for potential watermarks and, when found, to extract the embedded payload, thus providing convenience for StreamMark customers and assurance against arbitrary verification.

StreamMark Origin

StreamMark Origin is a derivative configuration for B2B use cases. It may be deployed by content aggregators and video service providers (VSP) to embed an originating watermark in B2B content distribution applications. Used to identify the affiliate or VSP that receives the stream from the content originator, it can identify leaks in the media distribution chain.


MovieLabs Compliance

watermarking solution

Enables Premium VOD
Content Licensing

Forensic watermarking for premium ABR services

Highest threat
protection against attacks

Payload extraction possible from low grade and mixed-source content

Scalable and Easy Integration

Independent of video player and content distribution network

Secure payload

Opaque system with no personally identifiable data in video

Cloud-based watermarking
Reveal Service

A globally accessible service for processing illicit video and extracting payload information

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