Passwordless Authentication to Boost Security and Customer Experience

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Market Challenge 

Usernames and passwords create problems for consumers and service providers. Forgotten passwords and password entry on keyboard-less devices frustrate consumers and drive costly customer support. Legacy (password-only) authentication exposes providers to security and compliance risks, and shared passwords cost the Pay TV industry billions of dollars a year.

Why Verimatrix Passwordless Authentication Solution 

Verimatrix’s Passwordless Authentication solution complements existing solutions with password-less, two-factor or multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA) and transaction-authorization capabilities. Deployed on premises or in a SaaS model, the solution enables consumers to use a secure smartphone app and biometrics instead of or in addition to passwords when accessing any digital channel


Product brief

Passwordless Authentication Props

Cost-efficient, Transparent

The Verimatrix Strong Authentication solution works with existing authentication and user management systems (no replacement necessary) and does not store any user information 

Easy Add to Installed Base

Verimatrix Strong Authentication solution seamlessly integrates biometric and PIN-based authentication into existing mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Covers All Groups and Use Cases

Verimatrix’s Passwordless Authentication solution supports multiple (modern and legacy) authentication methods, technologies and use cases under the same integration API.

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