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Market challenge

Card-issuing banks wanting to empower consumers with mobile payment options face barriers. There is the upfront investment needed to develop the apps – not to mention the deep expertise needed in “card” payments. Then you need to keep products up-to-date and certified. Ensuring a smooth experience requires managing the broader payment ecosystem.

Why Verimatrix Mobile Payment Solution 

The Verimatrix Mobile Payment solution lets banks deploy their own secure “Pays.” This allows them to control customer interaction, define the payment experience and integrate their payment strategy with other products. Consisting of a Mobile Payment Server and Client, the solution enables seamless transactions and increased customer engagement.


Product brief

Mobile Payment Props

Certified, Secure, Approved

The Mobile Client and Server is certified to Visa and Mastercard specs, and the Mobile Server has all approvals for functionality, integration and security. 

Pre-Integrated Tokenization

The Mobile Client and Server are pre-integrated with Visa Token Service (VTS) and Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES).

On-premise or Cloud

Customers have the option to deploy the Server within their own data centers or to connect to a cloud service for a hands-off, faster deployment. 

Certified by Leading Brands

Deployment Options

  Description Client SDK Client White-labelApp Server Server Hosting
1 Client SDKonly Issuer’s app​  Issuer’s own Issuer hosted
2 Client White-labelApp only​  Issuer’s own Issuer hosted
3a Client and Server Issuer’s app​  Issuer hosted
3b Client & Hosted Server​  Issuer’s app​ 
4a Client White-labelApp & Server​  Issuer hosted
4b Client White-labelApp & HostedServer​

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