Protection Beyond the Scope of DRM and CA Systems

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Market Challenge 

Playback devices that are not continuously connected to a license server or otherwise reachable for content authorization and entitlement require mechanisms other than traditional CA and DRM systems to protect the valuable content they display to viewers.

Why Verimatrix Embedded DRM?

Verimatrix offers well-established, point-to-point HDCP and DTCP-based protection to address the gaps that occur when content moves off the primary screen in cases such as: connections between CE devices; auto, aviation and surveillance applications; IoT deployments; event and conferencing scenarios; and content transfer on internal data buses.


Product brief

Embedded DRM Props

HDCP and DTCP Standards

Flexible HDCP-based solutions provide playback devices with support for HD and 4k/8k content; DTCP-based security at the compression level.

Libraries and Toolkit

Solutions include customized HDCP and DTCP software libraries and source code; HDCP/DTCP toolkit used in the CE, automotive and other industries.

Deployment Services

Deep knowledge and experience in content protection enhances support for implementation, integration and testing, and maintenance services.

Next Steps


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