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Security solutions for Tap to Phone

Create Secure Contactless Payment Experiences

Robust Security

Verimatrix offers layered security to protect software running on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) devices and software-defined use cases. Withstand reverse engineering and code modification attempts, even when your software is running on insecure environments like mobile phones.

Enable Frictionless Experiences

Without sacrificing sleek usability for end users, payment processors and manufacturers need proven solutions to keep hackers out of software-defined payments. Verimatrix offers a win-win: strong, automated security that enhances user experience. 

Protect Your Cryptographic Operations

Modern in-store card payments are based around a cryptographic challenge-response. If the cryptographic operation is protected, the entire payment transaction is secure. Verimatrix allows the entire cryptographic operation to reach equivalent security in software as it was in hardware – while you maintain total control of your keys.

Achieve PCI & PSD2 Compliance with Proven Security

Vulnerabilities in payment security can lead to hefty regulatory fines, diminished customer trust, and catastrophic revenue loss. Verimatrix offers deep security expertise and experience to help payment hardware manufacturers and processors deliver PCI and PSD2-compliant Tap to Phone transactions.

Security Techniques for
COTS Payment Acceptance

White Box Cryptography​

On open devices, the cryptographic keys used to make a payment are observable and modifiable. Cryptography prevents exposure and attack.​

Environmental Checks​

Environment checks and customizable responses allow you to trust that your code is executing where you want it to and not on a device of an attacker's choosing.​

Anti-Tamper Technology​

Anti-tamper technology creates a comprehensive, interconnected “check network” to prevent protections from being lifted out of your app and safeguard data.​

Jailbreak/Root Detection​

Automated detection of jailbroken and rooted phones is critical to ensure that your code is executing exactly the way you want it to even on compromised devices.​

Automated Tools to Safeguard Contactless Payments

Code Shield

An enterprise-grade, on-premise, customizable toolkit for mobile and embedded systems.


An engineering toolkit to design cryptographic architectures without sharing your keys.

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Video Protection & Anti-Piracy