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Anti debugging

Shield Your Apps from Malicious Debugging

Ward Off Serious Threats of Malicious Debuggers

Debuggers were meant to be a development tool, but criminals have turned them into malicious weapons used to find vulnerabilities in your code and plan an attack. The ability to detect and shut down threats during runtime is critical. Verimatrix offers easy-to-use tools that will ward off threats and keep your apps safe.

Reverse Engineering

Hackers use debuggers to study vulnerabilities in your code, exploit them and create illegitimate versions of your app—ultimately undercutting your reputation and revenue.

Dynamic Analysis

The first step in planning an attack is to perform a dynamic analysis of your source code. Once this step is complete, a hacker can plan a wide range of attacks and abuse your app.

IP Theft

Your intellectual property and valuable trade secrets live in your source code. Debuggers help hackers chip away at your app and gain access to data, harming your business and reputation.

Unique Capabilities of Verimatrix Anti-Debugging

Automated, Immediate Detection

Verimatrix application shielding technology injects powerful protection directly into your apps to detect breakpoints and discrepancies caused by debuggers. Once detected, automated solutions will raise an alarm and trigger the appropriate response to safeguard your code. 

Customize Your App's Response

Verimatrix application shielding solutions allows you to customize the way your app responds to threats. You can configure the response to crash the application, execute a custom callback function, or to allow the application to keep running with restricted functionalities. 

Zero Code Required

Protect Java code in a matter of minutes with no specialist security knowledge required. Verimatrix offers zero code options that won’t disrupt your roadmap so you can free up development resources and focus on your build.

Detect Debugging Attempts with Tools for All Scales

Code Protection

An enterprise-grade, on-premise, customizable toolkit for mobile and embedded systems.

App Shield

A zero-code, easy-to-implement cloud service for Android and iOS mobile applications.

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