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Verimatrix Content Monetizer

Reimagining the Video Content Supply Chain

Faster Content Distribution & Revenue Through the Magic of Transparency

For the first time ever, there’s a better way to unlock revenue streams for digital video content distribution by reimagining the global supply chain to benefit both content providers and their affiliates licensed for content distribution. Verimatrix Content Monetizer creates a trusted bond between content providers and their distribution partners by offering a secure platform that increases content availability and consumption, while ensuring the integrity of both distribution and reporting. It’s a win-win for all. 

Benefits for Content Providers

Verimatrix Content Monetizer makes it easier for content providers to boost the distribution and consumption of their content to distribution licensees around the world — along with gaining access to trusted, real-time consumption data rather than having to wait weeks or months to receive usage reports that are difficult if not impossible to validate. The result: Higher revenue, less risk, and more effective onboarding of affiliates. 

Benefits for Streaming Operators

Access to ready-to-deploy premium content just got easier with Verimatrix Content Monetizer. As a valuable distribution partner, any participating streaming operator can utilize Content Monetizer to discover and license new content they’d like to offer to their local markets. Affiliates save time and money through ease-of-activation via pre-integrated, secure content distribution workflows. 

Cloud Speed Ahead

This pre-integrated solution offers easy onboarding, end-to-end content encryption and automated data collection. Thanks to Content Monetizer’s streamlined workflow, the encoding, packaging and encryption of content is reduced to a minimum while storage and CDN usage is optimized. Decryption keys and playback policies are distributed separately and securely in the cloud, eliminating duplicate processes in the content workflow and lowering your overall costs.

Traditional Supply Chain Challenges

The Supply Chain Reimagined with Verimatrix Content Monetizer

A Comprehensive Content Protection Package

Cloud Service

This cloud-based solution offers easy onboarding for both content providers and licensed affiliates.

Distribution Efficiency

A streamlined workflow encodes, packages, and encrypts content only once to deliver everywhere.

Content Access & Savings

Gain access to premium content faster while reducing capital and operational expenses.

Optimized Value Chain

Content Monetizer optimized the value chain for all participants in the workflow and enables a secure reporting marketplace.

Usage Rights Control

Content owners and studios can control usage rights by quality, keys, policy, viewing windows, output and affiliate on/off controls.

Actionable Viewer Insights

Track consumption data to drive better business decisions regarding content valuation, churn reduction and ad sales.

Security Made for People

A director of global distribution technology who lowered overall costs and streamlined the content workflow.

A Trusted Partner to Increase Your Revenue

Award-Winning, Industry-Leading Customer Support

Benefit from award-winning 24/7/365 worldwide customer support. With a customer satisfaction score of 99% and four prestigious Stevie® Awards for Excellence in Customer Service, you can trust that your partnership will be valued.

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