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Java and Kotlin code obfuscation

Protect Java Code and Android Apps from Hackers

Secure Virtual Machines from Serious Threats

Java and Kotlin code run on a virtual machine, and while this has some benefits (the VM allows Android apps to be agnostic to underlying hardware), it also comes with security risks. The virtual machine itself is an attack vector, which leaves code particularly vulnerable to multiple threats related to reverse-engineering.

App Repackaging

An imposter application (sometimes called a "clone”) hurts more than just your business – it compromises valuable intellectual property and destroys customer trust.

Code Manipulation

Without proper obfuscation, hackers can study your code using freely available disassemblers to see exactly how it works – which renders your code completely transparent.

IP Theft

You spent years of blood, sweat and tears to develop your code. Without code obfuscation, criminals can steal your intellectual property and capitalize on your hard work.

The Perks of Java Code Obfuscation with Verimatrix

Automated Tools to Eliminate Human Error

The intelligence built into Verimatrix’s application shielding tools removes any need for heavy lifting with configuration or onboarding – and eliminates the risk of human error.  

Experience Bytecode Level Security

Unlike other approaches, Verimatrix solutions provide extensive protection for apps developed in Java and Kotlin. This is achieved by moving sensitive code off the virtual machine, which provides deep obfuscation of your code and makes it possible for your app to distinguish between bytecode translation variations and malicious tampering. 

Zero Code Required

Protect Java code in a matter of minutes with no specialist security knowledge required. Verimatrix offers zero code options that won’t disrupt your roadmap so you can free up development resources and focus on your build.

3 Solutions for Every Scale

Key Shield

An engineering toolkit to design cryptographic architectures without sharing your keys.

Code Shield

An enterprise-grade, on-premise, customizable toolkit for mobile and embedded systems.

App Shield

A zero-code, easy-to-implement cloud service for Android and iOS mobile applications.

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