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Verimatrix Analytics

We Help Operators Uncover Subscriber Data Value to Increase Revenue

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Tap Into Data to Boost Your Bottom Line

Video consumption is transforming before our eyes. Today’s Pay-TV and OTT video distribution service providers are leapfrogging beyond video to tackle Internet and other connected services. Operators are looking to squeeze more efficiencies out of every dollar spent. With Verimatrix Analytics, you can utilize data harvesting & analytics tools to surface subscriber profitability stories that can lead to actionable insights powerful enough to boost consumption rates, reduce churn and increase ARPU.

Access and Monitor Real-Time Video Data

Customizable real-time dashboards help you find actionable data to enhance user experience—identify playback issues, optimize service performance and streamline network operations.

Uncover Historical Business Intelligence

An intuitive interface enables providers to easily navigate through dashboards to uncover actionable insights regarding viewing habits, content correlations and content engagement frequency.

Identify and Retain At-Risk Video Subscribers with Data

Audience insights can be used to improve how you plan, transact and evaluate media across platforms. Data stories can help you spot negative trends that lead to costly subscriber churn. Verimatrix’s cloud-based SaaS analytics solution unifies data from a variety of sources – devices, network, content and DRM systems – to provide a 360-degree customer view and enable a foundation for predictive actions to retain and delight more subscribers.

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Optimize Viewer Experiences with Real-Time Tools

Monitor video playback down to each individual view, leveraging dashboards that show load time, device type and engagement metrics. Turn data into actionable insights for your engineering and support teams to catch issues and debug more effectively.

Prevent Subscriber Churn

Use subscriber behavior insights to enhance viewer engagement, and correlate content providers and titles. Visualize how customers use your service, find dormant subscribers and revive them with compelling offers to minimize churn.
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The Features You Need to Make Informed Decisions

Audience Segmentation Capabilities

Use audience segmentation to locate dormant subscribers and reengage them with an informed retention marketing strategy.

Comprehensive Cloud Platform

Gather data from a wide variety of sources – devices, network, content and DRM systems – in the Verimatrix Secure Cloud

Unique Device Microscoping

Enhance customer support with the ability to select a unique user or device to identify issues in the playback of a specific asset.

360 Degree Customer View Dashboards

Verimatrix Analytics’ preloaded and configurable dashboards provide multi-user access to 360-degree customer views that drive better decisions.

Managed & Unmanaged Networks

Segment data from managed and unmanaged networks to gain insight into device health, player performance, app usage, and user navigation.

Data from a Variety of Sources

Unify data from a wide range of sources, including set-top boxes, video display devices, VOD servers, DRM systems, program schedules, and metadata.

We'll Support You Along the Way

Verimatrix is the winner of the Stevie Award 2020 for excellence in customer service.

Award-Winning, Industry-Leading Customer Support

Benefit from award-winning 24/7/365 worldwide customer support. With a customer satisfaction score of 99% and four prestigious Stevie® Awards for Excellence in Customer Service, you can trust that your partnership will be valued.

Reduce Churn and Drive Content Revenue

Verimatrix Analytics gives you easy access to insights that will drive viewer engagement, increase net-positives, reduce churn and ensure that content is always offered at the right price.

Driving Trust for More Than 20 Years

As industry experts with two decades of experience, many of the world’s largest content owners and service providers trust Verimatrix to protect the systems people depend on every day.

"Verimatrix Analytics unlocks actionable opportunities for us to stay in stride with our audiences’ viewing experience expectations.”
Naoki Kobayashi
JCOM General Manager

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