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Verimatrix TV Everywhere Authentication

Deliver Live and Premium Content on Any Device

Reduce Friction with a Common User Authentication System

The complex web of secure connections between video service operators and content owners/providers means that subscribers must repeatedly seek password access to rights. This creates a disjointed and frustrating user experience, ultimately leading to costly churn. Verimatrix TV Everywhere Authentication (formerly nTitleMe) solves this problem by streamlining the process with a single integration for secure subscriber authentication and content authorization.

Ensure a Seamless User Experience on Any Device

Today, delivering a superior user experience for viewing premium movies, live sports, games, television shows and eSports across multiple devices other than the family-room TV is critically important. Consumers are more likely to abandon a service if they cannot easily enjoy their content wherever they are. Verimatrix TV Everywhere Authentication empowers content owners to give viewers the frictionless, single sign-on experience they want while safeguarding their assets.

Man watching video on tablet
Two men watching live sports on TV

Scale with Ease During Popular Live Events

TV Everywhere Authentication easily deploys in the Verimatrix Secure Cloud, enabling agility and responsiveness even during popular live events with millions of simultaneous viewers and authentication requests. This cloud-based approach allows you to scale up or down as needed, while also achieving geographic diversity. Quickly connect compelling content with audiences anywhere, anytime.

One Single Integration for a Global Partner Ecosystem

Pre-integrated with 500+ global video service operators through direct connection or via major proxies, Verimatrix TV Everywhere Authentication can dramatically reduce your time-to-market. A common, standards-based set of APIs allows you to quickly and securely update and manage subscriber entitlements to support new business relationships as you grow.

Streaming video content library

A Single Integration for Secure Subscriber Authentication and Authorization

Scalable, Frictionless Content Protection

Single Sign-On

Verimatrix TV Everywhere Authentication minimizes obstacles to viewing through geo-targeted, single sign-on and device-shifting technology.

Supports Open Standards

Keep authentication secure, lightweight and reliable with a flexible solution that supports open standards like SAML 2.0 and OAuth 2.0.

Comprehensive Security

Achieve total content security and grow your business with a suite of solutions including Multi-DRM, a video analytics platform and software shielding technology.

Large Partner Ecosystem

Verimatrix TV Everywhere is pre-integrated with 500+ global video service operators through direct connection or via major proxies.

Easy Integration

Leverage a common framework with a single integration for secure, device-agnostic subscriber authentication and authorization.

Geographic Diversity

Extend your service to new geographies by leveraging pre-integrated MVPDs and tailor content packages by region.

A Trusted Partner to Secure Content on Every Device

Verimatrix is the winner of the Stevie Award 2020 for excellence in customer service.

Award-Winning, Industry-Leading Customer Support

Benefit from award-winning 24/7/365 worldwide customer support. With a customer satisfaction score of 99% and four prestigious Stevie® Awards for Excellence in Customer Service, you can trust that your partnership will be valued.

Scale as You Grow

Deploy a TV Everywhere service with the ease that consumers want and expect. Verimatrix TV Everywhere Authentication makes the subscriber value proposition “stickier" while ensuring future scalability.

Driving Trust for 25 Years

As industry experts with more than two decades of experience, many of the world’s largest content owners and service providers trust Verimatrix to protect the systems people depend on every day.

“Verimatrix can scale with our evolving security needs."
Manuel Monserrate
Product Owner at Aire Networks

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