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Verimatrix Streamkeeper™

The Industry’s First Battle-Ready Cybersecurity Solution Engineered to Hunt Down and Take Out Video Piracy

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Protect your applications, your content, your revenue, and your business with frictionless security.

Anti-piracy, reimagined.

A throttled approach to trace, degrade, and shut down industrial scale content piracy to defend valuable revenue streams. 

Streamkeeper™ Foils Piracy

Streamkeeper anti-piracy safeguards the entire OTT content distribution ecosystem by disrupting pirate revenue streams. It combines Multi-DRM, Watermarking and Counterspy™ — the auto-injection of an anti-piracy and app protection security agent, which instantly adds Piracy AI and digital countermeasures. With Streamkeeper, security practitioners can protect profits and prevent losses. It even prevents parasitic piracy; no more unlicensed access to the operator’s CDN.

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Streamkeeper Anti-Piracy Bundle

Streamkeeper is best purchased as a bundle, but each product can be purchased separately.

Verimatrix Streamkeeper anti Piracy Bundle


Low latency content owner approved streaming security.


Security agent that allows throttled response at device level; such as on-screen warnings.


Verify actual piracy via fingerprint verification.

Streamkeeper™ COUNTERSPY™

Autonomous Piracy Defense

Counterspy is the autonomous injection of an anti-piracy security agent utilizing Verimatrix’ proprietary piracy technology; which allows customers to add deep, defensive countermeasures, plus monitor their clients, without the hassle of a huge integration effort. 

Your New Superpowers With Streamkeeper


Dashboard that predicts risks, tracks trends and infringers​


Reveal pirates and enable countermeasures like throttle, slowdown or shutdown


Counterspy protects video streaming apps and pirate access to CDN, safeguarding the video service platform​.


Data collection filtered/refined by artificial intelligence and machine learning


April 2022

Protect or plunder: Surgical strikes to disrupt industrial-scale piracy

Achieve Compliance

As an ISO certified company (9001 and 27001), Verimatrix security solutions help businesses achieve compliance and meet the regulatory standards of the toughest industries, such as Media and Entertainment, Telcos, Finance and Healthcare. 


Recognized by
Industry Analysts, Associations, and Peers 

2023 NAB Show Product of the Year Award

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Winner – Best Content Protection Technology

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Video Protection & Anti-Piracy

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