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Verimatrix Streamkeeper℠

The Industry’s First Battle-Ready Cybersecurity Solution Engineered to Hunt Down and Take Out Video Piracy

Streamkeeper at a Glance

Streamkeeper is the complete content security package; it’s proactive, not just reactive. Streamkeeper delivers studio-approved digital content security combined with military-grade app shielding plus advanced anti-piracy countermeasures to provide operators with a fast, easy, and effective way to hunt down and take out pirates who aim to steal content such as live sports and movies.

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What's Inside

Streamkeeper was designed with universal connectivity in mind.
It can be implemented with Verimatrix Multi-DRM as well as third-party DRM providers.


DRM enhanced with one-time authentication tokens​


Dual telemetry-based investigation to app/user level


Watermarking with hardened client application​


Counterspy zero-code anti-piracy security agent​


Autonomous Zero Code Defense

Counterspy is the autonomous injection of an anti-piracy security agent utilizing Verimatrix’ proprietary zero code technology; which allows customers to add deep, defensive countermeasures, plus monitor their clients, without the hassle of a huge integration effort. 

Your New Superpowers With Streamkeeper


Dashboard that predicts risks, tracks trends and infringers​


Reveal pirates and enable countermeasures like throttle, slowdown or shutdown


Edge Authenticator protects access to CDN and secures service platform​


Data collection filtered/refined by artificial intelligence and machine learning


Stop Pirates from​ Stealing Your Customers​

Streamkeeper is a comprehensive security solution to counter piracy threats, retain subscribers and protect profitability 

  • Protect your investment in content
  • Provide studios with more confidence in software deployed security solutions leading to enhanced content rights
  • Make piracy more difficult reducing the potential ​for lost subscribers

Common Use Cases

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