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Expose Endpoint Blind Spots with Verimatrix XTD

Talk to a Specialist

Talk to a Specialist

Expand Defenses Beyond the Traditional Perimeter

Introducing Verimatrix XTD (Extended Threat Defense) – Verimatrix’s zero code cybersecurity solution that closes the open door in most enterprise security walls by  protecting the mobile apps and unmanaged devices that connect to it. With Verimatrix XTD, you can monitor these threats at the endpoint and take action before the bad guys compromise your enterprise.

XTD Is Extended Threat Defense

See Security Blindspots

Verimatrix XTD provides visibility into critical blind spots – mobile apps and unmanaged devices at the endpoint; multi-vector threats that are not typically covered by existing cybersecurity solutions.

Shield Apps & Devices

With self-defending mobile application shielding, Verimatrix provides organizations with layers of protections such as obfuscation, environmental checks and anti-tamper, plus 24/7 monitoring with immediate detection when an app is under attack with remote shut-down capability.

Defend Unmanaged Devices

Transform unmanaged devices into pseudo-manageable devices, gaining real-time, continuous threat intelligence utilizing Verimatrix’s zero-code telemetry technology.

Monitor & Detect Threats

Better understand the threat profile of your installed base of users, and drill down into the risk score of an individual app instance, with real-time notifications of high-risk events to uncover hidden dangers in your enterprise security wall.

Attack Pattern Detection and Prediction

Comprehensive, predictive analysis of cyber threats based on large data sets, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to recognize patterns, making future predictions to benefit the enterprise.

Satisfied Threat Defense Customers

“Verimatrix places both the integration partner and device maker in control of advanced IP threat defense – and that is a powerful selling point”

– Takashi Shigeishi, Sr Sales Manager at Toshiba

With Verimatrix XTD, You Can:

Access our platform to activate defenses you need to prevent, detect, and stop threats.

Preemtively monitor likely threats via AI/ML to identify likely future attacks.

Ensure accuracy by identifying legitimate threats and avoiding false positives.

Utilize our concierge onboarding service and participate in our endpoint threat defense training.

Achieve Compliance

As an ISO certified company (9001 and 27001), Verimatrix security solutions help businesses achieve compliance and meet the regulatory standards of the toughest industries, such as Media and Entertainment, Telcos, Finance and Healthcare. 




"Megacable is our largest customer to date to commit to deploying Verimatrix XTD and Verimatrix Streamkeeper™ technologies. The alliance underscores our goal to provide proactive cybersecurity and anti-piracy countermeasures that fortify operators against threats of today and the unforeseen dangers of tomorrow.”
Asaf Ashkenazi
CEO of Verimatrix

Recognized by
Industry Analysts,  Associations, and Peers 

Close the Open Door In Your Enterprise Security Wall

Verimatrix XTD was engineered to protect for the most vulnerable and unprotected aspects of our digital world.

*ADVERTISING SOURCE: CPO Magazine. Imperva – Marsh McLennan Cyber Risk Analytics Center report

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