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Verimatrix Leads Panel on Securing IPTV Reseller Model at Broadband World Forum Americas 2007

Steve Oetegenn Moderates Panel with Industry Leaders Discussing IPTV Models in Latin America

WHO:       Verimatrix enhances the value and security of pay-TV networks with advanced technologies designed to address the content protection challenges of today, and those of tomorrow.  Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer for Verimatrix, has 25 years of industry experience.  He has specialized in digital security and anti-piracy since 1998, working with government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and major

Hollywood studios.  


WHAT:     The Secure Reseller Model: The "Killer App" to Make IPTV a Reality in

Latin America .” The business case for telcos in

Latin America entering the video market inherently depends on whether they can upgrade their networks cost-effectively. Many smaller operators do not have the resources to offer HD premium content. However by leveraging a centralized IPTV head end, telcos can share the major infrastructure, which significantly lowers the barriers and risks of investment in CAPEX and OPEX to enter the IPTV market.   


Oetegenn will lead the panel to discuss different IPTV wholesale/retail models that support an enhanced subscriber experience with rich content offerings in a seamless lineup, while enhancing overall distribution integrity and operational costs with a unified content security model.  


WHEN:     Wednesday, 5 Dec. at 10:45 a.m.  


WHERE:   ITM Expo,

Sao Paulo,  


About Verimatrix   

Verimatrix sets the standard for software-based content security and revenue enhancement technologies in pay-TV networks, with a global customer base of telecommunications providers.  The Verimatrix Video Content Authority System™ (VCAS) offers a suite of next-generation technologies that protect content and enhance revenue streams, while combating digital piracy wherever it occurs within the distribution chain.  The company’s content security experts maintain close relationships with the major

Hollywood studios to help address the challenges facing pay-TV networks of today, and those of tomorrow.  Verimatrix’s customers benefit with most favorable access to premium content, enabling the richest, most versatile viewing experience for their digital video subscribers.  For more information on why VCAS is the most widely deployed IPTV content security system with tier one operators, please visit











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