Nexstreaming is a global mobile software company with Headquarters in Seoul (Korea) and branches in Europe, US, Taiwan and China. The most popular Nexstreaming product is NexPlayer™, a powerful embedded media player supporting all streaming and VOD formats. The player is optimized to secure the best user experience in any smart phone or tablet, solving the problem of the strong market fragmentation in terms of device capabilities. 

NORIGIN MEDIA is a proudly Scandinavian company providing Over-the-Top Multi-screen video distribution apps and Live-TV Cloud Encoding services. With over a decade of experience in TV and video hosting, Norigin caters to premium TV services, offering scalability, customisation, monitoring and broadcast-grade support services.

Quiptel - Built on Q-Flow our unique patented and low-cost OTT streaming solution, ensures that our customers benefit from the best of breed QoS & QoE when streaming video to multiple devices over the Internet.

Siemens Convergence Creators is the global communication technology partner for the digital age. We combine groundbreaking innovation and decades of experience to provide intelligent solutions to a variety of industries, bridging the gap between technology, processes, and services. By seizing new opportunities from converging communication and designing solutions, we improve efficiency and grow revenue for our customers.

SmartLabs is a Russian company and a leader in the development of service delivery platforms for interactive digital television (IPTV, OTT and hybrid TV). SmartLabs offers individual products and end-to-end solutions, ensuring complete compatibility of its components and modules. SmartLabs offers a family of STBs spanning across various tiers and classes of devices, including mass and premium IPTV/OTT STBs and hybrid STBs with DVB and IPTV support.

Squadeo is a leading global provider of video software solutions for mobile, tablets, PC, Mac, set-top boxes, dongles, and SmartTVs. Squadeo provides secure premium video players on open platforms pre-integrated with major DRMs, with a constant focus on enhanced visual experience in compliance with Studio requirements. Squadeo’s main product – QuickPlayer - is an SDK pre-integrated with Verimatrix VCAS solution.

TAG V.S. provides an innovative, software only, state of the art IP monitoring, analysis, & high quality Multiviewer solutions for multiple encoding & broadcasting formats. TAG’s MCM-9000 unique method of secured real time Verimatrix decryption of OTT content within the secured zone, makes it the perfect tool for comprehensive monitoring of all layers in the broadcast delivery chain, combined with a high quality UHD Multiviewer available on standard and mobile devices displays.

TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO) is the global leader in entertainment technology and audience insights. From the interactive program guide to the DVR, TiVo delivers innovative products and licensable technologies that revolutionize how people find content across a changing media landscape. TiVo enables the world’s leading media and entertainment providers to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience.

Veygo is a leading provider of content  management, distribution and monetization software solutions to the broadcast, communications, media & entertainment industry leaders. With our Secure Media Players, Analytics, Personalization, Application Framework and Content Workflow Management Solutions, we partner with the industry leaders to design, develop and deliver compelling new multiscreen entertainment, advertising and services propositions.

VisualOn technologies enable Over the top (OTT) and TV Everywhere (TVE) operators to to deliver compelling rich multimedia playback experiences across a wide range of connected devices in a scalable manner. VisualOn’s modular multimedia framework provides a single software stack for cross platform multimedia playback with feature-parity, high quality, performance and support for a wide range of streaming media requirements.

Zappware designs, develops and integrates compelling and revenue-generating interactive television (iTV) services and end-to-end solutions for operators and broadcasters, content distributors, brand marketers, and anyone looking to create a more intimate relationship with TV viewers. Zappware uniquely combines the highest levels of creativity with the latest technology and techniques into simple, intuitive solutions.

ZetaTV delivers end-to-end technological solutions for video content viewing. Born as a spin-off of TCC from Uruguay, we develop a software-based digital headend solution and an OTT multidevice platform including CDN and CMS solution. Our turnkey solutions provide Cloud based CAS and DRM. Nowadays, more than 100 networks in the LATAM market trust in our solutions.