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Pay TV Content Security Solutions

Protect Your Revenue with Tailored Solutions

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Trusted, Secure Content Delivery Protection for Pay TV

Cable, satellite and OTT service providers must balance the need to offer a friction-free user experience with enterprise-level security that keeps premiere video content safe. Consumers expect a smooth log-in experience, intuitive content discovery process, robust functionality and easy access anytime, from anywhere. Verimatrix offers powerful security solutions that offer ease of use for both you and your customers.

Modernize Your Pay TV Security

The Pay-TV industry is undergoing rapid transformation and content security has become an imperative. Verimatrix’s VCAS solutions offer an end-to-end content and revenue security architecture, audited by Farncombe, that will help you gain a competitive edge.

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Deliver Premium Content on Any Screen

Gain access to premium content and offer users a consistent experience on any screen or platform. Verimatrix Multi-DRM protects content across all devices and network types with one seamless integration that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

Uncover Data and Optimize Content

Turn data into actionable insights to increase viewer engagement and revenue, optimize content-cost performance, and reduce costly subscriber churn. Verimatrix Analytics provides a 360-degree view of customer usage behavior that allows Pay TV operators to take predictive actions to retain and delight subscribers.

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Detect and Deter Piracy

The growth of Ultra (U)HD content and proliferation of live sports streaming has underscored the need to protect digital content from piracy. Studios and operators require additional protection to enable Pay TV business models that feature high-value content.
Verimatrix Watermarking helps unlock access to premium content and keep pirates at bay.

Content Security Solutions for Pay TV

VCAS Solutions

Software-based and IP centric content protection for IPTV, OTT, DVB, hybrid IP-OTT and DVB-OTT, and multi-DRM deployments.


Gain access to the premium content your users crave and provide a consistent viewing experience across any screen or network.

Video Analytics

Uncover historical and real-time data to drive better business decisions, enhance user experience, and create compelling content bundles.


Detect piracy within minutes to safeguard your content and revenue with this solution that offers both client and server-side security.
“Working with Verimatrix and its proven partner ecosystem has given us confidence to build the first true TV anytime and anywhere platform in the country.”
Laura Lozes
Former PM for Cablevision Argentina

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