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Digital Content Protection for Media & Entertainment

Effortlessly Distribute, Protect and Monetize Video Experiences

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The Global Video Market Is Expanding

As barriers to entry fall, ever more players are entering the video space – blurring traditional lines of distribution. In a rapidly crowding space, the new premium is on targeting, monetizing and securing video content. It is particularly important to secure that content – piracy and unauthorized streaming access is a huge and growing problem. According to Parks Associates, $12.5B will be lost due to video piracy by 2024.*

Enable Premium Content Distribution with Confidence

Content owners can now showcase video content securely across all devices and networks. Operators can optimize distribution and scale of studio-grade digital content. Verimatrix Multi-DRM enables you to deliver premium content and a frictionless experience, no matter what device a subscriber chooses for viewing. 

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Modernize and Enhance Pay TV Security

The Pay TV industry is undergoing rapid transformation, and Verimatrix VCAS solutions can help ease your network’s migration. These solutions are proven to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), minimize disruptions as networks evolve and enhance overall security.

Protect Media Apps from Becoming Targets

Apps are mission-critical for media operators. But are they secure? Most likely not! According to Gartner, almost half of successful cyber attacks on media apps could have been prevented by using in-app protection.**

Whether it’s a Hollywood movie, live soccer match, or a game via a mobile app, it’s critical that media operators safeguard their apps. Our friendly security technology is easy to apply, with a low impact to development teams. Protect your valuable IP, customer data and your brand reputation with Verimatrix’s Application Shielding solutions.

Prevent and Detect Piracy to Safeguard Revenue

According to a 2020 report in Bloomberg, scammers sell $1 billion a year of stolen television shows.^ With client and server-side options that can detect piracy in a matter of minutes, Verimatrix Watermarking gives you the tools you need to keep content out of the wrong hands.

Turn Business Data into Actionable Insights

Every data point tells a business story. With Verimatrix Analytics, you can easily uncover real-time and historical data to drive better business decisions. Gain access to content consumption and viewing behavior, identify opportunities to increase viewer engagement, and optimize content-cost performance to reduce subscriber churn.

Solutions for End-to-End Content Protection


Delight your subscribers with a seamless experience by delivering secure, premium content on any screen or platform.

VCAS Solutions

Software-based and IP centric content protection solutions for IPTV, OTT, DVB, hybrid IP-OTT and DVB-OTT, and multi-DRM deployments.

Application Shielding

Media apps are under siege, but automated application shielding will protect them from becoming a hacker’s entry point into your network.


Protect your content and revenue with invisible client and server-side watermarking that can detect piracy in a matter of minutes.


Easily surface data-driven video content consumption stories to drive business decisions, retain more subscribers, and boost your bottom line.
“VCAS for IPVT gives us the flexibility to satisfy future customer demand beyond our managed network to any kind of mobile device, while seamlessly protecting our existing network configuration."
Volker Dietzel
former Head of TV Technology at Swisscom

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