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Live Sports Streaming Security

Delight Fans, Protect Content, Grow Revenue

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Grow Your Sports Streaming Business with Content and Application Security

Sports fans crave frictionless experiences across their multiple devices. This includes seamless authentication, access to a robust content library and personalized bundles. With Verimatrix’s suite of live-streaming and OTT solutions, you will deliver your most exciting events to large audiences and leverage scalable, real-time video content across any device and platform.

Deliver Great Experiences on Any Device

Gain access to the high-value sports content fans want while delighting them with a seamless experience on any screen and any network. Protect your content across all devices and network types with Verimatrix’s scalable 4K/UHD-compliant Multi-DRM that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

Scale Easily During Popular Live Events

Verimatrix VCAS solutions enable instant key and entitlement distribution to optimize bandwidth utilization and ensure a flawless user experience, even during popular events. Thanks to a SaaS subscription-based pricing model, you will benefit from usage-based consumption and only pay for what you use, instead of over-provisioning and overpaying.

Streamline Subscriber Authentication

Quickly connect compelling sports content with audiences anywhere, anytime. Verimatrix TV Everywhere Authentication enables agility and responsiveness even with millions of simultaneous viewers and authentication requests. Provide a frictionless user experience across all devices with this cloud-based approach that scales up or down as needed, while also achieving geographic diversity.

Detect and Deter Piracy

Parks Associates estimates that video piracy will cost Pay TV and OTT providers $9.1 billion this year alone.* The proliferation of live sports streaming has underscored the need to protect content assets from misuse and unauthorized redistribution. Protect your revenue streams and rapidly identify the source of piracy leaks with Verimatrix Watermarking solutions.

Boost Your Bottom Line with Actionable Insights

Tapping into real-time and historical data can help you create better fan experiences while boosting your bottom line. Utilize Verimatrix Analytics to guide business decisions, create compelling bundles for subscribers and identify any playback issues.

Safeguard Your Apps

Fans interact with sports teams, leagues, games and special events through media apps, and it Is critical to protect them with automated, intelligent security. An unprotected playback app can be the entry point of an attack on your network, resulting in loss of revenue and a breach of your customer’s trust. Build secure apps for sports media with Verimatrix’s suite of Application Shielding solutions.

End-to-End Security for Live Sports Streaming


Give fans the premium experience they expect with frictionless live streaming across multiple devices and networks.

VCAS Solutions

Avoid black screens and prepare your broadcast network to scale up quickly and without a glitch during popular live events.


Streamline authorization with a single integration to secure subscriber authentications across platforms and devices.


Protect your valuable sports content and revenue with watermarking technologies that detect piracy within minutes.


Uncover data to drive better business decisions, enhance user experience, and create compelling content bundles.

Application Shielding

Protect your sports and media-related apps from hackers with self-defending security solutions for all your mobile applications.

Security Made for People

a streaming sports operator who controlled bandwidth spikes with elastic cloud scaling.

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Video Protection & Anti-Piracy