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Financial services cybersecurity solutions

Mitigate FinTech Threats and Achieve Compliance

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Developed to Solve Financial Services and FinTech Challenges

CISOs, app developers and compliance officers in the financial industry must strike the right balance between security, user experience and regulatory requirements. While fines for non-compliance are astronomical, data breaches result in irreparable damage and revenue loss. At the same time, consumers expect frictionless experiences uninterrupted by clunky authentication and security protocols.

Secure Data and Achieve Compliance

Penalties for non-compliance are steep in the financial services industry. Securing data, revenue and intellectual property is critical to meet regulatory requirements like GDPR, PSD2 and PCI.  

Verimatrix Code Protection keeps hackers from analyzing your app, and Verimatrix Whitebox encrypts valuable data, hides cryptographic keys and prevents hackers from reverse engineering critical applications—without detracting from the end-user experience. 

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Keep APIs Private and Secret Data Secret

APIs connect financial service companies with their community of partners to ensure a steady flow of data to power today’s modern service network. But APIs change the structure of the traditional security model. With APIs, there can be millions of devices that are implicitly allowed to talk to the backend server. This immediately forces a change in the security model. Companies must take steps to adapt and protect their APIs in order to ensure that the data exchange is protected, scalable and dependable. As today’s emerging digital banks, fintech innovators, PSPs and transaction integrators become more connected, they depend on each other more than ever to secure everything they do. Shielding their APIs from attack is now an imperative.

Weak API security can result in painful, damaging consequences. The recent Equifax breach resulted in the resignation of the company’s CEO, CIO and CSO after hackers gained access to the PII of more than 143 million people.* Unfortunately, Equifax isn’t alone. Billions of records are stolen through data breaches every year.

Provide Sleek, Secure Mobile Payments

As checkout moves to the cloud, issuing banks must maintain trust and high levels of security without detracting from an app’s usability. Verimatrix Mobile Payment offers integrated tokenization and a customizable white label application so you can provide a secure, branded, and frictionless experience.

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Protect and Retain Customers with Verimatrix

Code Protection

Deter and confuse hackers with patented, intelligent, and automated tools that have been proven in the financial industry.


Maintain trust and safeguard your reputation with robust, self-defending tools that will keep your application or SDK secure.

Mobile Payment

Deploy your own secure pays with a customizable white label solution that allows you to provide a branded service.
"Thanks to Verimatrix, our customers, which are some of the largest financial institutions across Poland, can offer trusted and secure mobile payments.”
Jolanta Rycerz
Member of Management Board at First Data Polska S.A

Verimatrix Protects Apps, Payments and Devices

Money is a hacker’s main motivation— so it’s no wonder that almost all financial institutions have experienced a cyber attack in one form or another. As such an attractive target, it’s crucial to take the right security approach to minimize vulnerabilities. Threats loom during every transaction, sign-on or payment.

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