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eSports Streaming and Video Game Security

Protect the Future of Gaming and eSports Experiences

The Growing Need for Gaming and eSports Cybersecurity

The global gaming industry is expected to generate over $150 billion in revenue this year.* By 2023, there are expected to be almost 300 million frequent viewers of eSports worldwide.^ Verimatrix has the content and application security solutions you need to protect your business in this burgeoning market.  

Protect eSports Streaming from All Angles​

The value of eSports content depends on keeping tournament video streams out of the wrong hands. Safeguard eSports and gaming content with security that defends and detects against growing threats. 

Prevent Piracy

Pirates retransmit live eSports broadcasts to drive their own revenue streams. It’s critical to protect your valuable content, ad revenue and relationships with sponsors.

Optimize Content Distribution​

Online streaming is eSports’ dominant distribution method. Powerful solutions are necessary to ensure glitch-free viewing experiences on any device for millions of simultaneous viewers.

Uncover Actionable Data

Utilizing real-time data and historical business intelligence is key for broadcasters to drive better business decisions and grow viewership and consumption rates.

Secure Streaming Apps

Protect streaming applications with layered security and prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities, carrying out attacks and disrupting your business.

Safeguard Gaming App Business Models

Your app is your most valuable asset. Protect your source code and app logic with automated, intelligent solutions to prevent attacks on your apps and entire ecosystem.

Secure In-App Payments

Weak application security leaves the door open for attackers to manipulate key features (e.g. in-app purchases) and circumvent security checks.

Protect Advert Revenue

Cybercriminals will repackage vulnerable applications to inject their own advertisements, slashing your revenue and your game’s reputation.

Prevent Cheating and Abuse

Applying anti-cheat security measures will make it more difficult for attackers to mod your game or take unfair advantage in multiplayer games.

Safeguard Code, IP and User Data

You’ve spent years developing your game. Protect IP, gaming assets, source code, and user data from attackers looking to capitalize on your hard work.

End-to-End Protection for eSports and Gaming


A flexible digital rights management solution to enable frictionless streaming on any screen or platform. ​


A customizable platform to help you access real-time video data and uncover historical business intelligence. ​


An imperceptible video mark that empowers content owners and operators locate the source of a piracy leak. ​

App Shield

A zero-code, easy-to-implement cloud service to quickly protect Android and iOS mobile applications.  ​

Code Shield

An enterprise-grade, on-premise, customizable application shielding toolkit for mobile and embedded systems.  ​

Key Shield

An engineering toolkit to design your own cryptographic architectures while maintaining control of your keys.  ​

Verimatrix is a Proud Sponsor of the ESL Premiership

Verimatrix helps power secure gaming and eSports broadcasting experiences. Our security solutions make it easy to integrate layered protections into mobile apps and games without disrupting performance.

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