Minimize Risk with Healthcare Cyber Security Solutions

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Cyber Security Challenges in Healthcare

Cyber criminals target the healthcare industry more than any other. In 2019 alone, healthcare data breaches were reported at a rate of 1.4 per day. Valuable information is contained in patient records, and the life or death situation created by ransomware attacks at healthcare facilities almost guarantees payment for hackers. This means that cyber criminals are persistent and relentless when it comes to finding vulnerabilities and gaining access to patient records and healthcare systems.

Verimatrix Solutions to Prevent Healthcare Cyber Attacks

Verimatrix offers robust, proven security solutions for the healthcare industry. A suite of intelligent, automated tools constitutes forefront self-defending technology that eliminates human error and allows customers to free up development resources. With Verimatrix healthcare cyber security solutions, you will be able to reduce time-to-market, protect your patients, revenue, and reputation. Comprehensive solutions, including Whitebox, Code Protection, and ProtectMyApp, address every need and fit the requirements of any healthcare organization, especially as they rely more and more on IoT devices. 

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