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Streamkeeper™ Named a Product of the Year

Verimatrix Streamkeeper™ was recently awarded a bronze in the Enterprise Product of the Year – Security Software category of the 2022 Best in Biz Awards International program, the only independent global business awards program judged each year by prominent editors and reporters from top-tier publications.

Winners in the 10th annual program were determined based on scoring from an independent panel of judges hailing from a wide spectrum of top-tier publications and media outlets and representing a total of 15 countries. Each year, only editors, writers and contributors to business, consumer, financial, trade and technology publications, as well as broadcast outlets and analyst firms, serve as judges in Best in Biz Awards. The program’s uniqueness stems, in part, from this unparalleled composition of its judging panels, enabling it to best leverage the judges’ objectivity, experience and unmatched expertise.

Streamkeeper provides trusted, cloud-based digital rights management for securing premium movies, television programs and live steaming events such as sports, concerts and red-carpet premieres. It also includes Verimatrix’s Counterspy™ technology, the autonomous injection of a zero code anti-piracy security agent that allows customers to add deep, defensive countermeasures and monitor their clients.

“Streaming providers, content rights holders, and video operators are under daily bombardment from video pirates looking to disrupt their revenue streams,” said Sebastian Braun, head of streaming at Verimatrix. “Verimatrix Streamkeeper was engineered to address today’s most-pressing media and entertainment challenges. It goes far beyond multi-DRM – it’s a comprehensive anti-piracy solution that includes watermarking, app shielding and proactive countermeasures designed to thwart piracy before it happens. It’s an honor to see Streamkeeper recognized as a leading enterprise security product.”

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