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calendar_today Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2020

Verimatrix University Online Training - General information

calendar_today Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2020

We realize many of our customers and partners are currently working from home, unable to travel due to the COVID-19 restrictions. This may be a good opportunity for some of you to catch up on your Verimatrix product training. During these courses, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about Verimatrix products that will empower you to install/operate/troubleshoot more independently.

Online training can also be the first step towards securing your VCE (Verimatrix Certified Engineer) certification. Each course normally costs $495, but if you use the code FRIENDLY SECURITY during the sign-up process, you will instantly save $100 on every course you register for.

Discounted Courses Available:

· VMX 07-1001: VCAS Platform Training (Online, Prerequisite for All Other VCAS Courses)
· VMX 07-1101: VCAS for IPTV Training (Online)
· VMX 07-1201: VCAS for DVB Training (Online)
· VMX 07-1301: VCAS for Internet TV (Online)
· VMX 07-1401: Verimatrix Multi-DRM (Online)
· VMX 07-1601: Verimatrix Analytics (Online only)
· VMX 07-1701: VCAS Solutions in the Verimatrix Secure Cloud (Online only)
· VMX 07-1801: Migrating from VCAS 2.x/3.x to VCAS4.x (Online only)
· ZNRE940-60001-001: Code Protection (Online only)
· ZNRE940-60000-001: Whitebox (Online only)

Earn Your VCE with Verimatrix University Training

The Verimatrix University Training Program consists of two parts: self-paced online learning and instructor-led, hands-on training sessions. Use this unprecedented time to begin, catch up, or complete online courses at a discounted rate, then continue with in-person training sessions as soon as they become available again.

relevant training with your Verimatrix solution will help you gain the most out of your investment in security, increase productivity, reduce the cost of network ownership, and accelerate your adoption of advanced technologies for a competitive edge.

Part 1: Verimatrix University Online Courses

Earning your VCE begins with a set of online courses through Verimatrix University. Courses consist of flexible, reusable, self-paced online training modules designed to give partners and customers a level of proficiency with Verimatrix’s Content Authority System (VCAS™) and ViewRight™ Ultra solutions.

At Verimatrix University, students sign-up for online modules that they can attend at their leisure. All teaching occurs within a relaxed, self-paced environment using any computer or device connected to the internet. Starting with the VCAS Platform module, students can attend various product-training sessions and complete a final exam, which leads to certification.

Part 2: Verimatrix University Hands-On Sessions

Following the successful completion of the Verimatrix University online modules, students can complete their education by attending instructor-led hands-on sessions. Sessions are conducted in a structured, hands-on, question-and-answer environment.

During these sessions, students learn how to install, configure, test, and troubleshoot a Verimatrix VCAS system. Training sessions are designed to equip students with valuable knowledge and skills that directly transfer from the classroom to the workplace.

Classes typically are limited to 12 students to ensure sufficient one-on-one interaction with a Verimatrix subject-matter expert. Hands-on sessions are conducted regularly worldwide. View the training schedule to find upcoming sessions around the globe.

After completing the online courses and attending the hands-on sessions, students earn their certification, which is valid for 3 years.

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