Verimatrix nTitleMe

The promise of TV Everywhere (TVE) is simple: enable subscribers to watch all their pay-TV content anytime, anywhere and on any device without having to log-in repeatedly. However, to deliver on that promise to subscribers, content providers must work with video service operators in a certain way.

Verimatrix nTitleMe™ is a cloud-based SaaS that enables content providers to offer subscribers a seamless TV Everywhere experience. nTitleMe implements a common framework to streamline content provider-operator relationships with a single integration for subscriber authentication and authorization, based on open standards. It features a simple API with standardized implementation across platforms and no client libraries to integrate.

nTitleMe can be deployed stand-alone, or as an integral part of the ground-breaking Viewthority platform, or as an adjunct to VCAS.

TV Everywhere Access

Transparent authentication and authorization that creates the TVE experience users want

Sign On

Minimizes potential disruptions
while enhancing viewer engagement
and content consumption

Viewing Continuity

Subscribers don’t miss
 a thing when pausing
to change playback device

Geographic Diversity

Content providers achieve greater
agility to connect compelling
content with audiences anywhere


A common framework and single integration streamlines content provider-operator relationships


Platform based
on the AWS infrastructure
with global footprint and scale

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