Verimatrix Viewthority

The expanding global media industry has made it harder to conduct trade in the traditional way, and maintain direct control over rights negotiation, quality levels and delivery formats. Viewthority™ is a content distribution platform that provides unparalleled connectivity and insights for content providers and video service operators.

Viewthority, a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS), centralizes and streamlines management and control of contract terms, distribution windows, playback policies and business rules using a defined rights management interface, which has been integrated with the Mediamorph Content Value Management Platform. This approach yields significant distribution efficiencies and unprecedented access to real-time data and analytics.

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Platform based on the AWS infrastructure and AWS Elemental Media Services video workflow

Global Content
Distribution Marketplace

Collaborative and transparent environment that removes barriers between great content and global consumers

Defined Rights
Management Interface

Integrated with the Mediamorph Content Value Management Platform

Automated Analytics Reporting

Extensive viewership and QoE analytics data securely collected by Verspective® Analytics

Encrypt and Store Once, Deliver Everywhere

Improved distribution efficiency and end-to-end revenue security via Verimatrix RightsConnex

Rights Control

Quality, keys, policy,
viewing window, output,
affiliate on/off controls

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