As Multi-DRM Becomes the Norm, Buy is a Smarter Strategy than Build

As a follow up to the first paper from Frost & Sullivan, Total Cost of Ownership: Key Metrics for DRM Strategy, this latest paper focuses on the true levels of cost and complexity associated with a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to multi-DRM from an online video publisher (OVP) perspective. While the first paper discusses the client-side complexity, this follow-up paper focuses on the specifics of back-office development.

Fresh research uncovers that OVPs are spending more than they realize on in-house undertakings. They also found that an integrated DRM platform presents a lucrative growth opportunity, where revenue opportunity is higher with DRM-secured content.

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DRM: Opportunities and
Challenges for OVPs

The Technology Imperative
of Multi-DRM

The Cost of Developing
and Maintaining
Multi-DRM Infrastructure

The Cost of Building
and Maintaining
Back-office Infrastructure

Benefits of Buy vs. Build

"The cost of back-office development and maintenance tasks has been seen to exceed USD $1 million per year in its own right for major video service providers."
-Avni Rambhia, Industry Principal, Digital Transformation/ICT,
Frost & Sullivan

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